I am Mustapha Ajermou, I’m a computer Science engineer and I have been in the internet marketing world for quite some years now.

I've been creating products and promoting CPA offers for over 9 years and making full time income since 2009. I work with 5-6 figures marketers everyday and my goal is to reach the top and bring many people with me as I can.

I spend most of my time coaching and helping others, let’s reach your goals together...

Why choose Affiliate Marketing & Dropshipping ?

Affiliate Marketing Coaching
  • No boss telling you what to do, no going to work every day. Internet marketing can easily be done from your home.

  • All you need is your computer ! No need to purchase expensive and complicated materials. Just start up your computer and get to work!

  • Most online businesses or jobs require skills. Web development, coding, graphic design, all that is not needed with internet marketing.

Our Services

Product launch
Product Launch Formula

We have learned how to create and advertise successful products with 5 years + experience creating and launching online products...

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

We have learned how to advertise our products through Email marketing and get high open rates and conversions

Affiliate Marketing
Lead Generation

We've been building our buyers list B2C & B2B for quite some time now, tried almost everything to build our lists and found out the BEST ways to do it

Affiliate Marketing

We have built up a successful affiliate marketing system helping us and our customers boost sales.

Growth Hacking

We help business owners to boost their buisness with smart genius strategies.

eCommerce & Dropshipping

We are passing on our eCommerce experience and knowledge through proven coaching programs we have set up.