SiteGround vs Inmotion: WordPress Hosting Benchmark

SiteGround vs Inmotion

Inmotion is already gaining a reputation as a reliable web hosting service provider. With many companies offering the same services, can this relatively smaller company stand out against the likes of SiteGround?

SiteGround Overview

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Siteground review

One of the few in the industry based outside of the US, this Bulgarian company expanded to more than 4 locations in three continents, hosting more than 1,800,000 domains from around the world. The company is still growing but over the years, it received recognition as a fast and reliable WordPress host.  

Siteground plans:

SiteGround has 3 managed WordPress hosting plans: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek.

siteground plans
siteground plans
siteground plans details

The StartUp plan hosts only one website, excellent for new or small websites with no more than 10,000 monthly visitors. The plan has all the essential hosting and WordPress features including 10gb of SSD storage, CMS installation, and free email accounts.

The GrowBig plan offers premium hosting services for an unlimited number of websites with at least 25,000 monthly visitors. It is an excellent upgrade for growing businesses with all the features of the StartUp plan and premium features like all 3 levels of SuperCacher, free backup restores, free site transfer, and support priority.

The GoGeek plan has the features of the other plans with the addition of geeky features like free backups on demand, PCI compliant servers, and free staging environment (WordPress and Joomla). With a monthly visitor limit of at least 100,000, the GoGeek plan is best suited for eCommerce sites.

Siteground’s plans offer comprehensive features and tools. Each plan is designed for websites in different stages of growth. There are core hosting features, core and advanced WordPress features (including developer tools, WordPress security tools, collaboration tools, etc.). SiteGround also offers site optimization features (instant Cloudflare CDN setup and free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate), advance security, and support options.

These features are applicable to almost all types of WordPress sites. The addition of developer tools provides more flexibility and further enriches existing functionality. 

Siteground Pros:

  • Lightning-fast speed. SiteGround is one of the few hosting companies that actually deliver on their promised server speed and uptime. This is possible through the utilization of the latest technology including cutting-edge hardware, custom software, and innovative speed optimization solutions.
  • Multiple server locations. SiteGround has 6 data centers strategically positioned on 3 continents (North America, Europe, and Asia)
  • Servers are optimized for WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting plans come with in-house performance optimization tools to further enhance the performance of the shared servers.
  • Advanced security. When SiteGround says security, they don’t just mean server or website security. SiteGround offers an all-inclusive security approach that includes user accounts, applications, and hardware security.
  • Advanced tools including development and collaboration tools for developers and their clients.
  • Industry-best customer support. Almost all hosting services offer 24/7 support via phone, live chat, and tickets but SiteGround is one of the few that built a positive reputation for its fast customer service waiting times and support staff efficiency. Its team of expert support reps also provide fast support that goes beyond hosting issues. Aside from this, SiteGround also offers comprehensive knowledge base resources in the form of how-to guides and video tutorials.

Siteground cons:

  • The price point is higher than most competitors.
  • No free domain registration for new accounts
  • The minimum subscription period for shared hosting plans is 1 year.

Inmotion Hosting Overview

inmotion review

InMotion hosting clients range from WordPress beginners to established companies. This employee-owned and operated hosting company offers reliable hosting solutions and a broad range of related services.

With two offices in the US (Virginia and California), Inmotion offers an array of services and tools that are advantageous for those that want to target a predominantly US audience. The company had been around since 2001 and is hosting over 300,000 domains.

But does Inmotion stack up against the bigger and more popular SiteGround?

Inmotion plans:

Inmotion has four shared WordPress hosting plans: WP-1000S, WP-2000S, WP-3000S, and WP-4000S. There is also a WordPress-optimized VPS hosting plan (WP-VPS) and a dedicated WordPress hosting plan (WP-Dedicated)

inmotion pricing
inmotion plan details

The company recommends the WP-1000S for small blogs with no more than 20,000 monthly visitors. Even as the plan only hosts one website, the disk space allocation of 40gb is quite generous. The WP-2000S plan is recommended for small businesses and general blogging purposes. The 80gb disk space is more than enough for 2 websites with 50,000 monthly visitors. There’s even the added bonus of a Personal Jetpack plugin subscription. The WP-3000S plan has a 120gb SSD space storage allocation and more premium features. This plan is recommended for developers and growing businesses. Aside from the added disk space, increase in the number of supported PHP workers per site (6), and supported databases (8) the WP-3000S plan is very similar to its predecessor. The WP-4000S plan is the last of the shared hosting plans. The plan supports up to 6 websites with a disk space allocation of 160gb and traffic limit of 300,000. WP-4000S it seems is an affordable and flexible WordPress hosting solution. Clients with WP-4000S accounts can enjoy a Professional Jetpack plugin subscription that is valued at $299 per year.  

Essential features for all plans include pre-installed WordPress, unlimited email accounts, more than 200 free themes, no-downtime website transfers, BoldGrid drag and drop page builder, safe application roll-back, automatic WordPress, plugin, and them updates (all of these updates are optional features), automated social media posts, staging environment, grant user access, cPanel control panel, Free SSL, and many more.

What’s interesting about Inmotion’s plan features is that they offer features that have the same functionality as many of WordPress’ popular plugins.

Inmotion Pros:

  • Multi-awarded web hosting company. Two of Inmotion’s awards include the 2019 Best Web Hosting Award from and Expert’s Top Pick for 2019’s best “Managed WordPress Hosting” services from Aside from these distinctions, Inmotion had been one of CNET’s top-rated web hosting companies for more than 16 years.
  • Hassle-free and very helpful resources for customer onboarding.
  • Longest money-back guarantee. InMotion offers a 90-day money-back guarantee for all plans (6 and 12-month plans qualify from the WP-4000S plans). Everything is refundable except the free domain name registration that comes with every plan.
  • Data centers in the US east and west coast
  • Unmetered SSD storage and data transfers
  • 1-click installation for over 310 apps.
  • Free regular backups
  • US-based customer support

Inmotions cons:

  • Plans are on the expensive side especially the basic plans.
  • Weak server resource allocation
  • Server response time is slower outside of the US and UK
  • Tricky verification process. Inmotion requires clients to verify their purchase via phone before they can activate their account. This can be quite inconvenient especially for clients based outside of the US.
  • Billing is only on an annual and biennial basis for the WP-1000S, WP-2000S, and WP-3000S plans

SiteGround Vs Inmotion Comparison

siteground vs inmotion
siteground vs inmotion

Inmotion offers complimentary no-downtime website transfers on all their WordPress hosting plans. They even offer free launch assistance for VPS and dedicated accounts. There is a limit of 3 websites or database (should not exceed 10gb in total). SiteGround also offers complimentary site migration through their SiteGround Migrator Tool, removing the hassle of contacting support staff through a migration token. Clients can essentially transfer multiple websites to their SiteGround accounts without a sweat. It’s surprising though that Inmotion won’t offer launch assistance for the WordPress shared hosting accounts since most of the time, it’s part of the package.

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There are four main categories of features that WordPress hosting plans offer. And both Inmotion and SiteGround offer these categories namely: Core hosting and WordPress features, convenience features, security features, and performance optimization features. Even with the same categories, Inmotion and SiteGround’s offerings slightly differ especially with what is considered premium-access features and what are essential features. And though Inmotion recommends the WP-3000S plan for developers, there aren’t much in the way of developer tools available for any plans. Most features though, require advanced configuration.

Inmotion has data centers in both the East and the West coasts of the US. VPS and Business Class account owners can select the data center that can better serve their needs through the Max Speed Zone options. These servers utilize an enterprise-class Linux version as its operating system. On a hardware level, Inmotion use Dell’s top-of-the-line servers, and routers from Brocade and Cisco Systems.

SiteGround has HTTP/2 enabled servers on two data centers in the US (IOWA and Chicago), two data centers in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Eemshaven), one data center in the UK (London), and one data center in Singapore, Singapore. Also, SiteGround focuses on the performance of the servers and their reliability. Their resources are mostly focused on hardware redundancy to ensure that each server hardware has on-site replacement parts in the event of damage. Each data center also keeps an entire batch of spare servers that are ready to go live any moment to prepare for any emergency downtimes or other server failure emergencies.

Inmotion does not guarantee top speeds due to individual ISP limitations but Inmotion tested the performance of their servers in 35 US and 46 international locations. But current tests show that the server’s load time considerably slows down after reaching over 25 active users. In comparison, a similar test on a SiteGround-hosted site shows that SiteGround’s load time remained stable even after having more than 50 active users. The stability of the network and the reliability of the server is very vital in hosting especially in shared hosting. It’s not just the downtime that’s a big issue. Clients can actually lose money due to slow page load time (up to 7% conversion loss for every second of delay in page loading).

Proper resource allocation is important, especially in shared hosting servers. This is where Inmotion comes short. In the way of performance optimization tools, Inmotion utilizes SSDs for every server, PHP 7, and custom server caching via a cache manager for cPanel.

 SiteGround combines the power of SSD fast hardware, innovative network architecture (HTTP/2-enabled servers, NGINX web server technology, Cloudflare CDN), and the latest software solutions (SuperCacher, PHP 7) to not only provide lightning speed but also reliable server performance.

Both Inmotion and SiteGround offers cPanel and Softaculous application installer available for free on all plans. This will allow users easy access to hosting and developer tools, FTP, and SSH. To further enhance their developer-friendly environment, Inmotion supports coding in languages like MySQL, Ruby, PHP, and PostgreSQL. Inmotion also offers a drag-and-drop WordPress website builder through BoldGrid.

These developer tools and capabilities are also available in SiteGround. There are unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, SG-Git for WordPress repo creation, multiple PHP version, SSH and SFTP access, staging environment, and other supported technologies for geeky users. And for beginners, their friendly site tools and complimentary drag-and-drop builder for all plans.

Inmotion, for some reason, excluded the WP-1000S accounts from the automatic offsite backups. There are other security features available for all plans, though like fee SSL, hack and malware protection, web application firewalls, and the proprietary SPAM Safe Email with IMAP. This is a category where SiteGround somehow excels. The company is able to combine security features with many of its performance optimization features like the unique account isolation that isolates accounts on shared servers so that vulnerable accounts won’t affect other accounts within the same server. The proactive updates and patches, fast server monitoring, SPAM Experts Spam Prevention, and anti-hacks systems and help are just the tip of SiteGround’s security measures.

Premier 24/7 support is available for all of Inmotion’s web hosting plans. Clients can use multiple support channels including the standard phone, email, live chat; and Inmotion’s unique support solutions like online tutorials and/or community-based Q&A. The online tutorials are available through Inmotion’s dedicated Support Center Education Channels. These channels provide clients with introductory classes blogs and CMS, e-commerce, email, website design, and the software tools utilized by Inmotion (cPanel, WP-CLI, Web Host Manager (WHM), and EasyApache.

One common complaint about Inmotion is the long waiting times for chat, phone, and email ticket support. That is if you get a hold of an agent in the first place. Add to that, agents are hit or miss.

SiteGround customer support is not without issues but it seems that their approach is to remedy customer dissatisfaction with excellent customer support that accommodates even the simplest of queries. SiteGround’s support staff isn’t also restrictive about queries that aren’t directly related to their products and services – a sympathetic approach that benefited the company greatly.

The Verdict

Inmotion is feature-rich with flexible and scalable plans. One of Inmotion’s weakest point though is their plan prices and inconsistent customer service. There’s also an impression of a complicated system, starting with the plan names and the layout of the website. Even at a glance, you can place judgment on SiteGround being the stronger brand.

SiteGround makes even developer tools intuitive and the minimalistic approach, even on plans just works. They provide the customers with what they need and what they will need in the near future, no more no less. This makes Siteground work and continually grow with their clients.

Reasons to Love SiteGround:

There are several reasons why SiteGround may be the perfect fit for your WordPress hosting needs. These reasons include:

  • An official recommendation from WordPress!
  • Average load time of 1.3s – providing almost instantaneous speed boosts and 99.9 percent guaranteed uptime.
  • User-friendly
  • Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificates
  • Excellent customer service that is available 24/7 via chat, phone, and ticket. No-hold time on chat and phone while you can receive ticket answers less than 10 minutes.
  • High customer satisfaction is evident with its low cancellation rate and consistently positive feedback from users.
  • Each migration has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
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