Quizitri review and bonuses

What Is Quizitri?

Quizitri is an online platform designed for marketing enthusiasts and funnels, this platform won’t just help you connect with or engage with your potential leads, but it will assist you in segmenting them by adding the people who have shared varying responses to the varying tags or lists. The platform will then help you convert these leads by generating unique micro commitments after which they will be subsequently redirected to the various different segments of your funnel, unlike every other platform Quizitri will ensure that your ventures are profitable by tracking the overall average value of every individual impression, and yes! if you’re looking for something viral like – “Which of these cute kittens best resemble your star sign” there too, the platform will have you covered.

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Functions and features of Quizitri

Like I already mentioned, this platform is one of the newest and truly revolutionary marketing tools that’ll transform the way you do business. Here’s quick sneak peek on its features.

*Excellent Quiz Logic: The Quiz Logic carried forward by the platform is pretty decent. It lets you segment further by branching the different quiz paths. This is done by asking various follow-up questions based on the previous answers of your audience.

*Segments Leads:  This platform sends all your leads to the different kinds of funnels and opt-in pages. This is done on the basis of the answers they had earlier given, and with this feature you get a more ultra-targeted list of your potential audience.

*Excellent Templates:  You can never retain your potential audience if the templates of your website are dull, boring or obsolete. However, with this platform, you get to make your pick from a wide range of beautiful and interactive templates. To put it simply: your quizzes won’t just be effective, but they’ll also look good.

*Pre-decided Quizzes: When you join this platform, you do not just get ready-made templates, but you also get a wide range of pre-fixed quizzes to choose from. The makers have already conceptualized a couple of common quizzes, which you can pick and start using right away. This will also ensure that your subscribers get everything ready from the very first instance. They will get whatever they expect without facing any kind of hassles at all.

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*Greater Lead Value: Quiztri will also track the value of the impressions you get. In this way, you will always be aware if you’re getting more than what you’re paying for. In addition, you’ll also get a full commercial license over all the quizzes on this platform.

*Other Features: In addition to the features I’ve already mentioned, you also get some extra features like answer scoring, quiz embedding, multi type questions, thank you pages, landing pages, tweaks for viral sharing, insight on the analytics and autoresponder integration. Also, This platform is also responsive, which means your audience can easily use it from any possible device, anytime and every time.

Quizitri OTOS:

Front end 69$ : Quizitri.

OTO1 69$: Template pack.

OTO2 69$: Quizitri  Pro.


Conclusion :

Quizitri for me  is a  an online SAAS that seems incredibly promising.So if you’re looking to build stronger engagement and generate greater leads, this is definitely one of the best platforms to try. Quizitri with its unique and creative quizzes will definitely live up to your expectations. Just try it out once and be sure that you won’t have to repent for your decision in future. Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of this page. I truly hope that you enjoyed reading my Quizitri Review







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