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mobile app reskinning

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Mobile app development is a common trend in the mobile world, and almost every programmer has tried their hand in this process, one time or another.  But mobile app development is not a smooth process that gives instant result to the developers. Nowadays, the trend is shifting to a new method, known as mobile app reskinning and it is a lot easier than developing full-fledged mobile app.

Building a mobile app on any platform from a scratch requires immense dedication and hardcoding logic, which is every developer’s cup of tea. An app developer needs to have an in-depth knowledge of Java ( Android ) or Objective C/Swift for iphone apps  along with the functions of various app development tools. Without having a proper knowledge of algo and coding, you can’t proceed to the top level of the development.

While developing, you have to go through many arduous and laborious tasks from keyword research, brainstorming, coding, designing, etc. After you finish developing the app, you will have to promote it , shell out updates, fix bugs and do many more things. This is not the end; mobile app development also burns a hole in the pocket due to expenses in subscription for tools and softwares. Depending upon your specification of your app, the expense bar may cross $10,000 or higher.

So, Internet Marketers started finding new ways in app development process, and this gave birth to mobile app reskinning. As you know, mobile users are by far more than desktop users , which means the Ad industry on mobile apps worth Billions of $$. That’s why mobile app reskinning could be a very Profitable Business if it’s done right, and tt is a comparatively easy task than developing a mobile app because you won’t need indept knowledge about coding and tools. App-reskinning has paved the way for both programmers and non-programmers to get a foothold in the mobile app development market.

 What is mobile app reskinning ?

App-skinning is an accessible, scalable and creative path through which you can redesign the graphics and textures of an app without altering the original codes  + Adding your Ads banner and interstitials id. It is an efficient way of utilizing an app’s source code and turn this code into a new or MORE app by adding new graphics 😀 .

mobile app reskinning example

So, you can easily use an old app and make some changes in its blueprint and architecture alongside some modifications in the music effects. Because of this renaming and modification tasks, it is denoted as mobile app reskinning . In app-skinning, it would be even more better to hire a programmer, to make some slight changes in the coding area to add more functionality and sophistication  to make a better app than the original one.


What is Admob (Adsense for mobile apps) ?

With the largest source of global advertiser demand, flexible ad controls, and an industry-leading mediation service, AdMob is the best platform to monetize your apps and maximize your ad revenue through app advertising.

Admob pays it’s publishers in 2 ways : Cost per Click ( for each click ) or Cost per Thousand ( you are paid for each 1000 view of the ad ), and it allows you to add 2 type of ads :

  • Banner ads appear at the top or bottom of your app screen and can prompt users to install apps, visit websites, get directions, view products or call a phone number. Admob in-app engagement ads expand to full screen when the banner is tapped. Their smart banners automatically resize to fit different screen sizes as the user rotates their device : admob banner
  • AdMob interstitials are full-page ads that appear in your app at natural breaks or transition points. A common use case is after a level is completed in a game. You can use interstitials to create engaging brand experiences, or direct action, such as driving app downloads :admob interstitial
  • AdMob’s video ads bring rich brand experiences to your app, and the flexible nature of the format allows users to skip the video after 5 seconds.

So basically, I’m making money creating 5 apps from one initial code by changing ONLY the graphics , adding my Admob Ids ( Banner and interstitial ) , Keyword research and marketing : That’s it J

What are the Benefits of Mobile app reskinning ?

Mobile ad spend will top $100 billion worldwide by 2016. Are you ready to take a portion of this gold mine ?
You may think that in order to get into the market of mobile apps, you need to have a good background and knowledge of tools that are used in apps. You may find it interesting that everyone who has tried their hand in mobile app development are not necessarily programmers. Some people take part in the app development business as investors, and their primary job is to invest money and promote apps. This internet marketer invests money on developers, and after the app get successful in the market, they get a large piece of profit from that app. Apart from them, some people are re-skinning old apps and making a good profit on the market.

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The re-skinning process saves a lot of development costs because while re-skinning you will only need the source and fundamental code of the app. So, you can start this venture with a meager investment of $50-100. But if you go for app development, you have to shell out more $6,000 to appoint a programmer. For mobile app reskinning , you don’t need to worry about investment costs as it is generally cheap ( Graphic + Buying installs and Reviews to boost the ranking or your apps).

With re-skinning, you can save both time and money, but it won’t stop your growth in the market. Releasing a new app on the market will give you good profits but developing a new app requires tremendous time and huge investments. If you try to build a new app for yourself, then you would need enough amount of time to create ideas and blueprint of the app. This process is almost like endless and it keeps going on until you are satisfied with the result or have fixed all the bugs.

With mobile app reskinning , you don’t need to go through this tedious job of development. You can finish your project within a short period depending upon the structure of the app and release it on the market with a new avatar. An average time of a month is enough to launch a new app in the market with the help of re-skinning.

The only thing you will need are a source and based on that code, you can create several types of apps with new designs. Re-skinning helps you to give a cosmetic makeover to an app, which paves way to produce more apps based on the same niche. This method opens the door to earn huge amount of profits with several apps.

How To Use and Reuse Source Codes?

At the initial process, you have to find a source code which is the most crucial part, then you need to do an indepth App Store optimization and  Keyword Research to find out Keywords with high demand and LOW competition( Just like SEO ), or a trending app . Re-skinning helped in popularizing the demand for the source; so, many developers sell their source code depending upon the requirements of a client. Different types of codes are available in the market like fully licensed codes, codes with a limited license, etc. You can find many source code developers in forums and social networks.

Marketing Mobile Apps

After you produce a re-skinned app, you have to market it well so that it gets a lot of exposure. Re-skinning provides ample amount of time for marketing because the designing process period is very less. You can market your app by spreading it among known people as well as social media.

If you have a good reputation in the app industry due to your previous successful launches, then you won’t find much difficulty in promoting the app. Apart from promotion, marketing apps can be done with the help of advertisers and various other agencies. The re-skinned product provides many opportunities for advertising because your reputation for producing different apps will help you to gain exposure.

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