Local Business Marketing with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is a great source of traffic to take into consideration in your local business marketing strategy. This article will show you step by step how to use it.

Facebook Local Ads 101


Facebook advertising is now the best way to promote local business. The reasons?

  1. It’s budget friendly. You can advertise even with a small budget
  2. It’s easy. You already know your target audience, all you need to do is reach out to them.
  3. It’s flexible. You can turn off the ad campaign anytime.
  4. It keeps on giving. The element of social engagement stretches the boundaries of ads. Word of mouth advertising had never been as efficient as this.

You don’t believe us? See how you can create a local ad in just a few easy steps.

  1. First in ad creation is the marketing objective. Select ‘Reach people near your business.’ This will enable you to launch a hyper-local ad targeting. This is excellent for small businesses especially those in big cities.

Facebook local business ads

  1. Next will be the audience. When targeting audience using other marketing objectives, locations can only be targeted down to city level while in local awareness, your brick and mortar business establishment is ground zero in geo-targeting. You can even enter a specific street address!

Facebook local business ads
If your business has different branches and/or international presence, you can select which locality to target. Just select ‘Get people to visit your stores’ as a marketing objective. This objective, also called ‘Store Visits Objective’ allows you to individually target different store locations. To be able to do this, you should have Facebook Locations set up. Locations can help you manage the location details of your local pages and allows you to connect your local pages to your main page.

Facebook local business ads

You can then create a Location Set for your ad campaign. In selecting locations, select the country first (you can only launch this type of ad campaign to one country per ad set) and then the individual locations of your stores. The default audience radius is set to 50,000 (or depending on the number of potential audience within the radius) in each location but you can edit this according to your needs. Save your Location Set once you’re done.

But if you want to target specific locations internationally, you can either narrow down the targeting using different targeting options (See: Facebook Ads Targeting) or use the different options for location targeting.

Instead of targeting the entire country, you can target a specific city or state instead. Also, depending on your marketing objective, you can either target ‘People recently in this location’ with time sensitive promotions and ‘People traveling in this location’ with accommodation and transportation promotions.

Facebook local business ads

  1. Ad placement, budget, and schedule.

Facebook local business ads

Automatic ad placements places ads in four possible ways:

  • Facebook desktop and mobile feeds
  • Facebook right-hand column
  • Instagram
  • Audience Network

Local awareness apps are mostly available for placement in Facebook and Instagram only. The ‘Edit Placements’ option allows you to opt out from Instagram. But as explained by this Advertiser Help Center article, the ad delivery system is optimized so that you can get the most results at the lowest cost. If there is only one channel for placement, there would also be less opportunities to show your ads, making each result more expensive on average.

Facebook local business ads
Budget on the other hand is a major factor on when and where your ads appear. If you’re on a daily budget, you can control the start and end date of the ad campaign but you can’t control when it would appear. This option is only available if you set your ad campaign on a ‘Lifetime Budget’. There are minimum budgets for both options though, whether using automatic or manual bidding. Ad sets using USD currency have the following minimums:

  • $1 a day for daily budget impressions
  • $5 a day for daily budget clicks, likes, video views, or post engagement.
  • $40 a day for low frequency events (offer claims, app installs, etc.).

Ad sets that are run using foreign currencies should not go below these equivalent USD values:

  • $0.50 a day for daily budget impressions
  • $2.50 a day for daily budget clicks, likes, video views, or post engagement.
  • $20 a day for low frequency events
  1. Next, will be the ad itself. There are four ad formats to choose from: Carousel, Single Image, Single Video and Slideshow.

Facebook local business ads

There are different advantages in using any of these formats for your local awareness ads.

  1. Carousel Ad. Multiple products can be showcased within an ad. Each image of the product also contains individual links. This can be used to highlight new stocks, items on sale and even different offers.

SourceFacebook local business ads


  1. Photo Ad. This is probably the most popular format used in Facebook ads because of the appeal of rich visual content. Ways to optimize photo ads include:
  • Location-specific photos. This is especially important if your business has other branches. This can be helpful in promoting the business’ local presence.

Facebook local business ads

  • Human(s) in image. Photo ads are said to convert better if the subject is that of a human face especially one conveying positive emotions. It can be also used as a supplement to the call to action; prospective customers would be encouraged to try out your product or service if they see a photo of someone doing just that.

Facebook local business ads

  • Branding consistency. Aside from a brand logo, color also plays a role in a business’ brand identity. A consistent ad design and palette can help you stand out in the recall department especially when there are lots of other local competitors offering exactly the same product/service.
  • Minimal text. Facebook no longer rejects photo ads with high amounts of text overlays. These photo ads are now either receive reduced delivery rates or no delivery at all. For more information on text overlays, check out this article.
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Facebook local business ads

  1. Video Ad. Video ads are quite advantageous because of the higher reach and engagement. Video content is also favored by brands and personal accounts alike. The reason for this shift is obvious: video ads are five times more engaging than traditional static ads.


  1. Slideshow Ad. This ad format is just the same with creating a slideshow content. Images should be of the same size and aspect ratio for the best results.

Finally, you create the ad itself.

Facebook local business ads

What to Include in the Ad Copy:

  1. Name of the targeted city/state. Even well-targeted ads can slip from prospective customer’s notice. With all the content that is being shared around Facebook every day, it is important that your ad not only grab the target audience’s attention but also convince them of your ad’s relevance. Mentioning a place’s name immediately makes a resident feel that the ad’s message is specifically for him/her. This is short of addressing them directly by name.
Facebook local business ads
This ad is an exception. The page name is already optimized for localization.
Facebook local business ads
This is sweet but where is this gym/club located?
  1. A clear and enticing value proposition. This is the main purpose of a copy. You should create an offer that prospective customers cannot decline. Discounts, social proof, and sense of urgency are just some of the strategies used to entice prospective customers into taking action.
  1. Dynamic and creative content. Design your copy as if it is a Facebook post. Spice up local promotion with creative and informational content. These contents can also come in the form of a unique discount offer, event, or contests for giveaways. This will not only increase engagement but also build rapport with customers and a sense of community for existing patrons.
It is clear what the The Greenery is, but there is no clear value proposition. The ad is just simply bringing awareness about the garden.
It is clear what the The Greenery is, but there is no clear value proposition. The ad is just simply bringing awareness about the garden.
Zambrero creates interactive contests that are also promotional in nature.
Zambrero creates interactive contests that are also promotional in nature.
Stock images will do but customized images are excellent for branding and recall.
Stock images will do but customized images are excellent for branding and recall.

Call to action buttons are available for mobile and desktop newsfeed ads. Most of these buttons have two main objectives: clicks to website and website conversions that can be tracked by a pixel (check-outs, sign-ups, leads, etc.).  For a local awareness ad, these are the available call to action buttons:

  • Like Page – for page like campaigns. The ad content should be centered on the main product/service that the company offer. The destination should be the company’s Facebook page. The ‘Like Page’ button would be replaced by the ‘Learn More’ button in Instagram.
  • Call Now – perfect for small businesses that offer services like home delivery. It is only available in mobile and you obviously need to provide a valid phone number.
  • Get Directions – direct people to your physical store. Just provide the street address of your store.
  • Learn More – you can either direct prospective customers to your business’ Facebook page or website. This call to action button is excellent for offers and other ads that provide information about your business or products.
  • Send Message – prospective customers can send a message directly to your Facebook page or website. This button won’t be available in Instagram but it would be useful for feedback and inquiry purposes.

Facebook local business ads

There are other call to action buttons depending on the marketing objective like these call to action buttons for lead ads.

Don’t forget to add a news feed link description. This isn’t available on other placements and can even be truncated so make the most of it. You can place a brief explanation about your business or offer or use for an additional call to action. Lastly, you can create a pixel to track your website conversions. After that, all you need is to place your order and your ad is all set.

But one more thing:

Harness the Power of Boosted Posts

Organic posts can be given the ad treatment using the ‘Boost post’ button. For as low as $3, your post’s reach would be significantly boosted (the number of people reached depends on the budget).

Facebook local business ads

Be smart on what posts you should boost. The post should not only reach more people but also engage more people and get them interested about your product or service. You can also use boosted posts for retargeting. You can retarget custom audiences using new products, offerings or events.

Another advantage of boosting posts is that you can bypass the limitations present in ads. There is no limit on the number of words in the copy or even on the density of text overlays. There are also downsides in terms of pricing, targeting and bidding but the bottom-line is that there are different ways you can promote your business and bring customers to your store’s door.

Facebook Ads local business

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