Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

One of the most common mistake beginners make is that they link CPA offer`s landing pages directly to the source of traffic without using their own custom landing pages .
To make it very simple to understand: Lets say you are selling an info product and to generate traffic you are driving traffic through Bing Ads.
When someone click on your ad he is directed to order page of your product now my question is how a customer will buy your product when you are directing that customer to your order page where there is no information provided about your product, Its benefits ?? The sure action this visitor will do is to close immediatly the window !

Landing pages are an opportunity to pre-sell an offer. In most cases, a landing page will provide more details about the offer => More conversions. However, you need to split/test both landing pages and direct links to an offer to see for certain what is providing conversions.

When using landing pages, you can create a variation of the same landing page androtate them to see what works best. I make 5 and sometimes more to start. So let’s say you have picked an offer…

Landing Page Optimization

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Landing Page Optimization

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  1. very informative very informative video
    but if you can teach us how to make quiz lp from A to Z & upload lp to the hosting would be better

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