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Teespring was founded back in 2011 and officially launched in October 2012. Come March 2013, Teespring announced $750,000 in monthly revenue and in December was accepted into the elite startup accelerator Y -Combinator.

Within 10 weeks they had raised another $1.3 million. In January 2014 they closed out another venture capital deal of $20 million.

Teespring are here to stay and are a solid platform for entrepreneurs alike to launch and promote their own brands.

Teespring offers you a free account to begin creating or uploading your own designsto a number of different tee, hoodie and tank top styles. Both male and female styles range in sizes and colors and you can specify which styles apply to your campaign.

The two main reasons I didn’t make an effort in teespring before is that:

  1. Teespring doesn’t pay you instantly. You won’t get paid everytime you make a sale. (Well, that’s not a big issue ­ you get paid for sure. Still.)
  2. Teespring pays you only when you reach the goal. If you can’t sell enough numbers, you’ve wasted your money in ads to get nothing.

Why is teepsring awesome ?

Do you like pushing spamming dating offers? Do you like trying to explain to your family what you do for a living?

T-Shirts or hoodies are clean and a no brainer. They are easy to explain and FUN! The whole sales page is an image on a shirt or a hoodie. The person decides, Yes or No in an instant. Doing this is so clean you can run ads for your shirts on Facebook or Google and not have an issue. I’ll even show you some free ways to get traffic to your shirts.

My Success on Teespring

January 2014 , I had an extra $3000 to invest online , I had a lot of choices behind me … either to build a list on a new niche , Keep on promoting CPA Marketing and Mobile CPA offers or try few teespring campaigns…

For obvious reasons throughout this guide iwon’t blank out many of my campaign details even if I continue to make money from re-launching them and/or using variations of the design.

In the first 3 months of 2014 , I invested $2700 and earned +$17.000 which is more than $5,000 net profit in one month :

Check this Youtube video for more details or go to youtube and look for Teespring earnings , and yes my videos is ranked #1 for this keyword :

[awsmvid play=”0″ hide=”0″ skins=”9″ size=”2″ ]X4kscSM333I[/awsmvid]

Why am I sharing all of this then? I am not going to lie. I like to make money, and I want to make even more money from creating a killer kindle book that you can use to replicate my success. I am not worried about competition. Not at ALL! Seriously,there are so many different untapped niches and ideas that sharing this with you won’t even dent the potential!

There are thousands of different niches, and potentially millions of different designs that you could use for each of those niches. The sky really is the limit here and I want to help other people who are as dedicated, motivated and willing to succeed as me, become a success story.

So here’s to your success, let’s get into it.

What you need before getting started :

Basically the plan we do have for teespring is effective to promote anythingonline :

  • We do research to find what is hot and trending or a passionate niche and idea for a product that the audience would be interested in.
  • We launch a campaign on teespring with the right colors , a design , a good copy in fair prices.
  • We then create a facebook ads campaign, targeting precisely to those who would love to wear the shirt.
  • at this moment we have to take the idea which design works better , to scale it up and kill the other variations . sometimes we can relaunch the same campaign until we squeeze the maximum out of it and have reach all the target audience ( Frequency > 2 )

After following this steps you’ll need:


  1. Instagram / Facebook fanpage :i recommend you either start a Generic fan page like whatever the niche you are going to sell in for ex : Cars , Fitness , Quotes , Animals …
  1. Get your teespring account to create your t-shirts/Hoodies.

In order to create a fan page go to :


Then choose Cause or community…Fill out a name and hit Get Started.

Fill out a Description , the website or the link to you teepsring product is not yet set. Click Save info…

Upload a profile picture of your choice , if you have already designed your hoodie or t-shirt , it would be nice to put it in the profile picture.

In order to create a teepspring account :www.bit.ly/create-an-account

Then fill out your information, that’s it J

Niche selection and research

Method 1 :

What most people MISS is they don’t do the research ­ in my opinion and experience ­ research is the most important thing. If you don’t do it ­ you won’t be able to make results quick.

First thing I do is visiting most of the successful campaigns ­ not all of them ­ but I’m sure I’ve visited a few hundred live campaigns to see what’s being sold, where and how.

Now to begin with seeing what sells best, you may check :

  1. http://www.teespring.com/discover
  2. http://teeview.phatograph.com/?active=true
  3. http://teescover.com/teesearch.php
  4. http://www.sunfrogshirts.com/best-sellers.cfm
  5. http://www.zazzle.com/tshirts

Thesewebsites will give you enough ideas about ‘what sells best’ ‘what’s the copy in the page’ ‘what’s the color of best sellingt­shirts’ ‘how much content is best in a t-shirt’ ‘whats a LESS USED niche to begin with’ etc.

Once you’ve got some idea about a niche/audience the first thing you’d need to do is to CHECK if that’s being sold already. At least to make sure there are not many campaigns been done. So how do we do it..

Here’s how we do it: Say your keyword is ‘Cats’ then Search on Google for

site:teespring.com cats


site:teespring.com inurl:cats (to check if there are campaigns with your word in the url ­ so that you can see if that niche is being used)


site:teespring.com intitle:cats (in some cases when the URL is already taken in teespring, people go for  some other URL but put the keyword in campaign title)

Now the second thing ­ to see if these niches are being sold on facebook using a page, we can search again on Google.

site:facebook.com/pages/ cats

Well, cats is a popular keyword and that might bring thousands of results.

Most of the niches would have been used already as teespring was around for a while…so pick a niche and tweak the campaign.

Method 2:

This honestly the method which made me the best ROI ever! The previous one is highly recommended if you have a small budget to invest , or already manage a fan pages…

This method is all about taking advantage of what is trending in your area , region or the world !

google trends teespring

Google Trends is a trending tool shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages.

It’s basically a list of what is currently hot and being searched for.

Not only will you find ideas for other niches to pursue here, but you will also see what is going viral. In a nutshell :this is the best place to find what is smoking hot in online search.

The ability to narrow your search down to geographic locations, niches and even find historical search data that shows you when something is likely to get big in the coming months is an absolute goldmine for ideas. Get good at using this and check it daily. You’ll have ideas coming out your ears within 10 minutes.

Open up Google Trends and you will see the following layout

Step 1:Change the Region to United States (unless of course you wish to target other countries, but for this example I will be using United States)

Step 2 : Click on Trending Searches.

google trends teespring

What stood out most to me was the Can’t Breathe T-shirt. This has over 50,000 searches for the day in the USA alone. This is obviously a hot topic. Click on it to be taken to the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) on Google.

google trends teespring

Let’s take a conservative look at some potential figures. There are 50,000+ daily searches on Google alone and undoubtedly tens of thousands more who are talkingabout this topic throughout the public media channels and searching for it in other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Let’s say we converted only .5% of that

50,000 from Google though. At an average of $10 profit per tee, that is 250 tees x $10 = $2500. Not bad for a couple of hours work. Don’t get too excited yet, we are only scratching the surface.

You can see how many different ideas come out of only a few minutes on Google Trends. I could take ten of the best looking short with I can’t breathe slogan and make different designs for each. And that’s only one trend out of thousands. It’s an absolute goldmine so don’t ignore it!

  • Social Media Trends and Viral Content :

twitter trends teespring

Twitter left sidebar

pinterest trends teespring

Pinterest INeedThisShirt or IneedThisHoodieHashtags results

instagram trends teespring

Instagram INeedThisShirt or IneedThisHoodieHashtags results


  • What the Trend – http://whatthetrend.com/ Discontinued

What The Trend will show you what and why things are trending on Twitter. They basically provide us with a leader board for Twitter trends and aptly name it as “The front page of the real-time web™.”

The awesome thing about this tool is that real people online are the ones who contribute to the trending topics and provide explanations as to why they’re trending so you don’t have to rely solely on algorithms and computers doing the legwork.

I am not going to get into more ideas about what to target here or in the other resources below as I am sure you have the idea already and I am not one to bloat a book with fluff. If you still need help identifying ideas, you can just send me an email on the address at the bottom of this book and I will help you out. I’m pretty sure you also want to get closer to learning everything I have to offer and begin your campaigns too.

Finding Audience

VERY IMPORTANT:Before you go really hard into a Design you need to be thinking how you can target the fans.To get good ideas of how you’re going to target your fans I use Audience Insights!


Facebook audience insight

This is the result of targeting the previous I can’t breathe T-shirt , it’s about a justice issue in the US.

Next to do is to make sure they are Online spenders :

VERY IMPORTANT: it’s important to split/test both the audience and the design

This is obviously a great audience to go with , we have an established +6M of audience.

Another important tip ,if you are targeting the USA, i want to know the wealthiest ZIP Codes whose residents are on higher salaries than those based in other ZIP Codes. Yes, while living expenses are probably higher, these people are more likely to have a spare $20 to throw at a tee or a hoodie.Head over to this helpful website and take note!


make sense till now ? Great

The purpose of my guide is to help you making some cash with FREE traffic , the source of traffic we’ll use is …. I N S T A G R A M 🙂

You are right , we will use instagram to promote teespring campaigns 🙂

If you are not building and audience RIGHT NOW on instagram you’ll miss it ! while Hot niches and topics have right now more than 10 M followers ( ACTIVE FOLLOWERS because the organic reach is HUGE ) You are spending your energy on outdated facebook fanpages !

i highly recommend you guy’s to go and create an instagram profile about your niche ! MIGRATE ASAP !!

instagram teespring
One of my MicroNiche Instagram accounts

Firstly, you need to install Instagram as soon as possible on your iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows based Tablet or Mobile phone.

  1. If you’ve got an iPad, an iPhone or any android or a windows based tablet or phone, just visit your app store & look for Instagram on it.
  2. Now, download it and install the instagram app asap.
  3. Before creating a new account on intagram, install it & go to the next step
  4. Now, get a good T-shirt design and launch it on Teespring. (If you don’t know how to launch T-Shirt on TeeSpring, wait for our upcoming tutorial)
  5. The biggest and massive (niches) on Instagram are cooking, cars, soccer, dogs and fitness. So, do keep in mind all these niches at the time of coming up with your TeeSpring Campaign.
  6. T-shirt design matters the most in your TeeSpring campaign, So, if you are not good at designing it, you can hire any professional to create it for you.
  7. Remember, if you are not having a good looking T-shirt design, you are not going to sell even a single one.
  8. With Instagram, you can get traffic FREE of cost.

Pro tips : 

  1. Once you have the idea of your niche , get the max number of the hashtags , the more and relevant hastags you use , the more exposure your posts will have.
  2. Post at least 3 posts per day.
  3. Follow Low authority accounts , they tend to be kind and follow back : the more you follow and like the fast you’ll grow your account.
  4. You can buy shoutouts to increase your follower base if needed.
  5. DO NOT USE BOTS OR BUY FAKE FOLLOWERS ! DON’T CHEAT YOURSELF because it’s not about how many follower you have but how is your relationship with them.
  6. Pm me if you need Premade PSD templates like this one 😉 :instagram teespringTo your success…Instagram Teespring
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