The Step-By-Step Guide To Productivity For Marketers

There is a common saying that “Time and Tide waits for no one” – Time is something that never comes back- whether you are working full time or part time. That is why time needs to be managed really effectively and many people suffer from this particular problem of being confused about what has to be done after this.
It is very difficult to be productive and this is one of the most important things that many people do not know how to win over as you always need to be consistent and disciplined in what you do.
Being productive is one of the most difficult tasks for marketers due to a number of reasons :
• That is because many people actually do not understand what are the things to be done and when they should do them.
• Sometimes the tasks are designed in such a way that there is a very little time between two taks and this is may be the right time for distraction.
• There are a number of different attractions that you think might be lucrative and this is the reason you stop doing what you were doing and try and pursue other tasks.

You can read this productivity guide in gain experience and have all your projects going in a well planned manner within the stipulated period of time.

In this guide you would learn various things like

  • The proper mindset of a dynamic marketer.
  • Increasing productivity and job focus by creating a proper work atmosphere.
  • Managing emails when several people are mailing you.
  • Planning out the day in an organized manner to increase the load of work within time.
  • How to get along with your other colleagues in an efficient manner.

1. Productivity : Adopting the proper mindset :

Even though you may not be as efficient and productive as the others, having the right kind of mindset and prioritizing your job will make your work easier and productive. If your goal is to do everything yourself, plan big things that fail most of the time and work hard, you probably won’t do very well.

  • Do not, be a hard worker. Instead be a smart worker :

You are a salaried person who is paid on the number of hours that you work for. You may have certain objectives and certain targets in hand, which needs to be completed within the stipulated time frame. You can always miss your targets, but you would have your job, however you cannot be absent from the office and still keep your job.

When you run your own business, it’s the opposite. Nobody cares how long you’re working on it. People care about the result and the profit. If you can get more work done in a lesser period of time, you can always have time for yourself, time for personal development, time for your family, time for entertainment and so on. This would also help to increase your motivation and productivity in turn. So you can easily understand you should always be a smart worker not a hard worker so that your work will get recognition and the well-deserved rewards.



How can you know that your working time is productive?

You can use the Rescuetime tool to track your activities and improve on your productivity by yourself,it’s the one of the best productivity app for desktops.

  •  Always work in small batches to avert massive failure :

It is always important to organize your work as small tasks to see what may be the obtrusions. Hence, it is evident we should always work in groups rather then working individually ( if it’s possible ).

  • Chris Burkmenn — ‘If you can remember why you started, then you will know why you must continue.’ :

Always remember why you started what you are doing, this will boost your motivation to get to the right direction. It is normal to struggle with a task, a partner …, however the problem must be solved. Always be focused and think about How you can fix this obstacle because you don’t have any other choice than to succed. Do not be diverted by something else- always think why you are doing what you are doing and get back to work.

  • If you feel that you cannot complete the job within the time, outsource the same :

There are a number of people who think they can do everything by themselves. This is however not true because every person has his assigned job that has to be completed within time.Do not try and be “a Jack of all trades and a master of none” if you are paid $100/hr outsource all the small task that anyone else can do for $10-20 per hour and focus on 10x your hourly income .If you feel that there is some work that you would not be able to finish within your working hours,outsource it. Outsourcing other jobs help you to focus on your chores better, and be more productive. Outsourcing always helps to focus on your job while other people are doing the other jobs. If you are an editor, outsource your graphics, your reporting and your printing to others and do the editing by yourself.

How can you outsource simple tasks ?

There are a number of websites like FiverrElance or Odesk where you find several workers on demand from where you can choose your team. You can outsource your graphics, your proofreading and your other jobs while you can just concentrate on the editing tasks. This would help you to do better business.

  • Try to avoid multitasking :

Always try and avoid multitasking. Focus on only one task. This would help you to become more productive.Though you might feel that multitasking is an art, you are sure to make a flaw in any one. Switching from one task to another prevents you from becoming productive. Instead, it slows you down.If you want results, focus on just one task, finish it and then hop onto the next task.

How can you prevent multi tasking ?

You can avoid multitasking by running your browser in full screen, cut out the notifications and then allow it to open in a single tab.

  • Focus on long-term plans and plan often :

Be patient and stop doing small quick pay day $hit, you need to know clearly what you are doing and what can be next done. in a nutshell, be patient in business and setup a long term plan but break it down into small checkpoints. Time will pass anyway, you would better invest it on something that worth it.

How can you avert lack of planning ?

If you are wondering what to do next, then breathe deeply, sit down and take time to go through the current projects, list what are the things left to do and plan a strategy for the next projects and the projects that would reach completion. Always take time in planning to be more productive.

2. Adapting your work environement :

Now you need to know how to adjust your working environment. A good work environment will help you to be more productive in your job.
  • Work Station Setup :

It is very important to have a good work set up where you would be spending atleast 8 hours of your day. This also depends on the budget, your personal requirements, and the type of work that you would be doing.

  • A high resolution screen :

The best thing is having a single computer with a big screen that has 2-3 windows open at the same time.This is better than having three, four computers. Always try to work on a single window to stay focused on the task that you are doing.

Those who usually prefer the two screens set up, usually are more productive because of the number of pixels and not the screens.

  • A good back supporting chair :

It is important to have a good back supporting chair so that you do not struggle with back pain while you work. Back pain also results in spondaelitis and in the long run it would be difficult to sit straight. Many of us are seen to spend on high-end gadgets, but cannot get our own sitting place right. A feel good factor is always necessary in the workplace and that is what can make a good amount of difference to focus and productivity. Search for a chair that would keep the back and the head straight and support you so that you can work for long hours without getting tired.

  • Desk items and gadgets : 

Your desk does not always need to be cluttered. Instead, always opt for a clean workspace with just the things that are required. You can also try standing desks at an affordable price.

  • Notifications : 

Notifications are always necessary for a marketer. This can be through any media : tracking software, social network ads , Email, RSS, Twitter or more. Also use the Do not disturb tab if you are focused on some important task. Also try and set up some quiet hours if you have a phone that disturbs you a lot.

  • Entertainement : 

Music is something that everyone likess. however, can, also distract people based on the work that they are doing. If you are trying to get something into your head, music distracts. Again, a musical tone played recurrently can help you to focus on your work well. If you are trying to do a task swiftly, try a high BPM while if you are trying to do something slow, pick a low BPM.If you feel that the task is boring or repetitive, try taking a break, watching some TV or a movie and then continue OR outsource it . You can also register in Spotify and try out some amazing Spotify playlists that can help you work.

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3. Manage your email in an organized manner :

Email can be your important source of work, but at the same time, it can also be distracting at times. Reading emails means that you need to work on other people’s demands and making them precedence. This does not mean that you need to open and answer all the mails. Limit the number of emails and prioritize on the mails that you find important.
You can change the email management system and focus on the important one . Delete all the spam mails, mark the important mails with a star and archive the emails that you would work on later. Check your email only once or twice a day and sort out the emails as per preference.
There are many things that can be done with an email :
• Delete items that are useless. This is a way in which you can clear your inbox so that you are not confused.
• Delegate emails to someone who is better specialized for the task ( if you are working with others ). Do not try and answer all the emails by yourself.
• Respond to emails which you find are important.
• Defer emails and allocate time for it later on but do not forget to work on them by the end of the day.
  • Always keep it short and simple K.I.S.S : 

Always keep an email short and to the point. Do not write long histories that may be irritating to read and time consuming as well. If you need to explain something, sort it out on the phone. Always remember that everyone is at work and no one would like to read long emails, which are to the point.

4. Create a task system that can be tracked :

Now organize your To Do list, once you are clear with the emails. There are various things to do and these come from a number of sources.It is important for you to list the To Do’s, prioritize them and handle them as soon as possible.This would increase your productivity. Online TO do lists can be really difficult to maintain, however, once you have accomplished your tasks, they can multiply the productivity. You can also list your to do tasks in a small diary that you keep for yourself.

Smart tasks :

Always believe in smart work and not hard one. This is a very important saying- especially in the corporate world. Segregate the tasks and then try and complete them  then hop onto another task. The Smart task system can be divided into :
• Specific i.e. you exactly know what is to be done.
• Measurable which means that the effect of the task can be measured via the objectives.
• Attainable tasks, meaning can the task really are accomplished?
• A Relevant task as in how relevant the task is and what is the after effect of it and how it would affect the goal.
• Time Bound tasks, meaning, what is the deadline when the task needs to be submitted.
A Non smart task may include building 30 back links while a smart task may comprise of obtaining 30 guest post links from various online marketing blogs Or again outsource the whole backlinking process.
This is software that has a host of unique features.This software should be used because,
• It is absolutely free.
• It is capable to work on all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and OSX.
• It is user friendly with basic features that are required.
• It is a well designed software and can be used for different tasks.

5. Planning your day :

Now how would you plan your day so that you can execute all your tasks? It is a strange fact, but humans can only concentrate for 90 minutes at a maximum stretch. This means that if you are given options to work on a three hour long project on a continuous stretch, you might lose your mind and productivity as well and end up wasting your day. Divide the time of work and also use hash tags to create small tasks  and get them done one by one.

  •  Use your Calendar :
If you have to plan your working time, use a calendar tool. The sunrise calendar tool is a great tool that works on all platforms and can also plug into the Google calendar. Add time periods for different tasks all throughout the day depending on your time allocation and try to complete them by time and at most, the end of the day. If you feel that you like working during the mornings, allocate most of the work in the morning and keep some light work for the evening. If you feel like working in a silent ambience, then come to office late and stay late.
The different kind of tasks that can be allocated in a day for an individual are :
• Personal tasks like Gym and exercise.
• Checking out Emails.
• Break for food and smoking ( QUITE SMOKING ASAP ) !
• Personal education ( Very Important ).
• Planning and strategizing for different projects.
• Auctioning on the projects and interacting with other colleagues.
• Team management and training.
Now that you are aware of the different tasks, plan them ahead.
 How can you deal with the unexpected ?
You may face situations or things that are different from your intended schedule.You need to deal with emergencies and important tasks as well.
Remember all those times in your past when a spanner was thrown into the works and yet you managed to overcome the problem? Good – you know you’re capable of dealing with the unforeseen.
But what about all those times when you didn’t react so well and you made mistakes. No problem – you can learn from those mistakes. Whatever way you look at it, you couldn’t be better placed to cope with what’s in front of you.
Here’s another way to think about an unexpected problem: it’s actually an opportunity in disguise. It’s an opportunity for you to show your initiative, to show how you cope under pressure and to show your leadership skills. Trying to maintain a positive attitude even in the face of adversity will inevitably pay dividends.
  • Track yourself :
You can track your activities so that you can yourself increase the productivity. The best way to track your activities is with the help of the Rescue time tool. This tracks all your activities and would tell you whether they are productive or not.
You can try out different activities in order to challenge the tool and know the productivity rate. Once the tracking tool is installed, try out different kinds of rules and settings tht may help you to avoid websites that kills your time.

6 .Working in sync with the others

Though you should always try and be productive on your own, you cannot achieve this without working in teams. You can try out the Asana tool that helps you to work in groups :
• This tool is absolutely free.
• It can work on all platforms.
• It also allows sub tasks to be set up.
• The tool is based on action and not theory.
You always need a good and use a productivity tool that is designed for marketers along with information workers. A system always has its flaws and it does not always have a smooth ending.
In an office, there are certain tasks that are always left behind; there are plans that need to be reshuffled and tasks that need to be done the next day. You regularly need to update your system based on the task list so that you can catch up with them later on. You can also revise the task list after every session at the beginning or the end of the week. Try it out and it would indeed help you in accomplishing your task and increasing on your productivity as well.
Final words :
productivity guide
There are a number of marketers who have spoken about productivity and how it can be achieved. Try and manage your meetings and organize your action plans in simple ways. Productivity is also about how you focus and manage your tasks.
Always consider on the number of projects you are working on, how to finish by the deadline, and how to jump to the next project when this one is accomplished.
It is very easy to be productive if you just follow some simple steps. If you track your activities, you would see that you are wasting half of your day in things that are not required. Track the number of hours that you have potentially wasted and try and rectify the same.
This is a step-by-step guide on how to increase productivity for marketers. Follow the same and you would be sure to achieve at least 70% productivity after reading this guide.
Productivity guide
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