How to Engage Your Email Subscribers?

How to Engage Your Email Subscribers

How to Engage Your Email Subscribers?

They say you don’t exist if you are not online and in the last years, this had turned into a universal truth for small, medium and large companies. Your presence online represents for many of your clients the first impression and you have one shot to make them pick you out of thousands or even millions of other similar companies which show up in Google search. And your first lines of attack in the marketing war are the people who subscribe to your lists. When you want to thrive online you have to master the art of email marketing and learn to engage your email subscribers.

Now you probably wonder why the lists are so important, so here are some figures which can show you how effective is this type of marketing.

Before anything else, why emails and not social media accounts or something else?

Because emails are a lot more steady than all the other marketing options. Phone numbers change, social media accounts come and go, but emails stay – think about it! How hard it is to change all your emails and your contacts to a new email! This is why you need to focus on how to engage new subscribers via email marketing tips and tricks, as you are going to create a long and steady relationship with your customers.

As you build up your list you can continually monetize it by pitching multiple products. Just look at ecommerce sites like Amazon, one way they get you to continually buy more products from them is by emailing you offers on a regular basis.

And if you aren’t selling any products, you should still collect emails so you can get people back to your site on a continual basis. For example, if you have a blog, every time you publish a new post, you can notify your list, which will help increase returning traffic.”


But now you probably still wonder why building a list is so important, so here are some figures which can show you how effective is this type of marketing.


Why to engage your email subscribers ?

Lists are a powerful sales force and there is not only one person who says this, but a lot of them. There are statistics which show that 77% of consumers actually prefer to receive marketing offers through email and 44% or they made at least one purchase based on those emails.

According to The Radicati Group, Email Statistics Report, 2012-2016 there were 3.6 billion email accounts in 2013 and their number will reach 4.3 billion by 2016. These are huge numbers which show your potential market. When you match these numbers with the email open rates, you find how important is to engage your subscribers.

High quality communication between you and your customers can get your business to another level if you work on sending valuable information to your potential buyers and engage new subscribers who can share your message. According to Litmus 82% of customers, open emails from companies; another statistic shows that 64% of decision-makers read the emails they receive from companies (on their mobile devices), while 40% of B2B marketers consider the email generated leads as being high quality.

And couple of more statistics, to really get you hooked on the importance of good email marketing: a good subject can lead to an astonishing 64% opening rate, so there is no wonder the average return for each $1 spent on email marketing is $44, with Mondays being the most profitable days.


Now that you know why is important to engage your email subscribers, let’s find what to do in this area to be successful and benefit from all those amazing numbers.


How to engage your email subscribers ?

There is neither perfect recipe for engaging customers, nor a miracle you can experience overnight; you need to adjust the tips and tricks of the trade to fit your company to the letter. This means you have to establish a specific goal ( Sale , Optin … ) when you create an email marketing campaign and adjust all the tools to suit your targeted customer, as well as your business.

And before you ask, the regular “Thanks, have a discount” method will not work, because there is no personal element and people like to be addressed personally. Especially in their emails that are very personal these days. Speaking of it, when you look to engage your email subscribers you have to think from your customer’s seat and learn to exploit his habits and his daily schedule, as well as his emotions, as humans were, are and will always be emotional-driven creatures, even if we like to believe something else.


Before we dive into the email marketing tip world, here are the first steps you need to take when you create a valuable, effective welcome email. If yes, there is one more statistic you need to know: welcome emails have a 320% higher profit than any other type of promotional email, so let’s craft together a revenue-generating welcome email which can help you start the relationship with your new subscriber with the right tone and ensure a long and rewarding win-win relationship.


The subject line does matter :

One of the first steps in creating an effective welcome email is to congratulate your new subscriber and add a call to action. A call to action is an invitation to do something, like “watch this”, “click on that” and so on. Previous research showed there are certain words which can enhance the click-through rate and the opening rate, so you should use them to engage your email subscribers from the first moment they signed on. “Sale” is the star of welcome emails, so good subject would look like this:

“Welcome aboard, thanks for joining – Here are the items on Sale”.

Other strong words in email marketing are “news”, “bulletin” and “video”. “Money”, “revenue” and “profit” are also good for your future emails.


Timing :

Timing is everything with welcome emails, as subscribers are emotional creatures and they respond better to instant replies and odd hours. This is why sending bulk welcome emails, is not a good idea and it might even sabotage your campaign.


Personal emails work best :

When you engage new subscribers they want to know there is someone who sends them emails and works in the company to make everything smooth. This means “no reply” emails are a big no in the relationship with your subscribers, from the very first beginning. Try a personal email, with a name, like “” which your subscribers can relate to.


Final copy and the final adjustments :

In the content of your welcome email, you have to aim for a number of essential phrases. First, you need to thank your new subscriber. Then, you have to provide a reason for him to stay with you in the future: you can write something about your business vision, why you’ve created it and other useful information which can engage the new subscribers. Another critical point for a welcome email is using certain strong words, like “imagine” and “you”. The first one is a call to action which might be overseen by the conscience, but it is always picked up by the subconscious, while the other one is a personal addressing, form which brings your subscriber closer to you and invites him in your world, your company, your “home”.

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You can also state the frequency of future emails and ask the subscriber to share extra information, so you can personalize his emails.

It is important to allow your subscribers to walk out on your emails, so don’t forget to add unsubscribing email and privacy policy.


Now that you’ve made an impression on the subscriber, you need to know more email marketing tips to enhance your emails and generate valuable leads and profit.


Be human, Work with the human mind :

An effective email reaches the subscriber’s heart and makes him empathise with your business. What does it mean? You need to think from a human perspective of taking and giving: can you buy something from your favourite company each week? What about each day?

The answer is no in both cases, regardless how small are the items you sell. If you send emails which ask your subscribers to give you money on a frequent schedule, they will blacklist you in the end. This means you have to offer them something, and then ask them to give you money by buying a product. And email marketing is a very effective tool when you want to give things to your subscribers, as you can add content of interest for them.

What a customer wants? Knowledge! The know-how! So give them what they want in the form of blog posts or else, speak to them and spoil them, then ask them to buy your products. One of the best email marketing tips out there is the fact usefulness is king, so build your campaign around this motto and you will see how your open and click-through rates are improving.


Segmented content might do the trick to engage your email subscribers :

One of the great options you have with email marketing is sending off highly personalized emails and offers. Ask your subscriber to pick his areas of interest and then send segmented emails, based on those favourite items. When the subscriber gets content he is actually interested in, he will be opening and reading it, so everyone is going to win.

If you have trouble finding the criteria of division, here are some inspirational points: location is a great divider, as it allows your newly engaged subscribers to stay connected with the important events and offers which take place or arise in their area. Interest topics collected at the subscribing moment, such as CPA Marketing , Teespring , List building , Pets , household or travel are also great dividers for offers and promotional content.


Be ready for the mobile world :

This is a critical point – if you try to engage new subscribers with desktop-only emails you are prone to fail from the very beginning. Make sure your emails render perfectly on mobile devices ( Aweber , Getresponser and other Autoresponders offer a preview mode ) , as 66% of all emails were open on mobile devices in 2014 and the world is getting more and more mobile. If your subscribers can’t see the promotional emails on their phones, they will just sign out. Because most emails are being opened by women, who don’t like the hassle of technical issues, it is important to send user-friendly content. Besides, who wants to struggle to read an email on their way to work or back home?


Promotions, special offers and VIP content :

You want to engage new subscribers and generate new leads by investing in a marketing campaign. Great, but why should people subscribe? They can see the content you sent to them on your site without any subscription? If yes, then you are going fast forward towards the unsubscribing frenzy. To keep your subscribers engaged you need to offer them valuable content, as we’ve already seen. However, value is not everything – they need to be spoiled and enticed to remain your subscribers. Offer them VIP content and special blogs or offers which only subscribers can see, read or buy from you. And make this as clear as possible: if you want to find out how to increase your profit, subscribe to our newsletter and keep up with the weekly email marketing tips. After all, people who miss them have no idea how valuable they are for a business.

You are searching for the subscribe button right now, don’t you?


Frequency adjustments for great engagement :

Content is important, but too much can be annoying. On the other hand, too little is useless. This means you have to find out the preferred frequency of promotional emails of the people in your list. There are two ways to do this and the first one is to ask. Simple, right? Just pick up the new subscriber and ask him how frequent he wants to receive emails from you. Hopefully he will be kind enough to reply, which can save you both a lot of time and provide a good start for your relationship. Based on a frequency you can segment your emails, which is a good thing. But what about people who don’t respond or what if you are too shy to ask?

Then you can test for the best email frequency.

These tests will show you the best frequency you can use for your subscribers’ list and might even help you adjust other details like the exact hour or the amount of video-audio content in the email. Don’t waste your chance to conduct tests on your subscriber to find out what they want and need, as this is both fun and profitable for you.


After all these tips and tricks on email marketing, let’s resume everything in a single line. As everyone has at least one email, which they check at least once a day, you need to generate leads from your subscribers. There are multiple ways to do this, but they are all based on the same strong principles:

  1. give valuable content,
  2. keep the email fun,
  3. personal and regular.

At the end of your first email marketing campaign, you will be rewarding yourself for reading this long article.

Engage Your Email Subscribers
Engage Your Email Subscribers
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