Facebook Website custom audiences

Facebook retargeting

Facebook Website custom audiences (Facebook retargeting ) are the visitors you are targeting on facebook because they have visited any page ,specific pages , certain pages but not other , during the past 3 months but not recently,during a recent number of days your website…



This can be done using a piece of code you will implement before the head tags of your website ( before </head>) this piece is called Pixel and it’s based on cookies :

Facebook retargeting

When a visitor visit a web page having this PIXEL , the pixel will install a small cookie in the visitor browser and will have record all the criteria that this visitors are doing on your website , ecommerce , Powerfull isn’t it ?


Best ways to use Facebook  Website custom audiences :

  1. Building email lists : Create lead magnet and get ready to speed up the list building process , which people would join your list ? of course those who visitr your website.
  2. Sell Products ( VERY POWERFULL with Teespring ) : If you are running an ecommerce business or just promoting CPA / Physical products online (Drop shipping , Amazon FBA , teespring …) You can easily target people who visited a product again and again , they are more likely to purchase your products ! sometime I’m on traveling to an other city and I’m checking new gadgets online , and I bookmark a lot of products BUT I’m not comfortable to buy them at this moment ! I may forget about them later ! so when I see those products AGAIN in Facebook or any other retargeting ads I’m highly ready to purchase them !
  3. Exclude current customers : If your product can only be sold ONCE ! you can exclude the visitors of Download Page for example : This way your are not burning ads budget targeting those who already bought it.
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How to create a Facebook Website custom audiences ?

A list of Facebook Website Custom Audiences
A list of Facebook Website Custom Audiences


Facebook Website Custom Audience
Then Click on Custom Audience
Create Facebook Website Custom Audience2
The choose Website Traffic
Create Facebook Website Custom Audience
This is the Facebook pixel code to implement before the tag

Facebook pixel

Create Facebook Website Custom Audience4
Here’s all the possible options you can target
Create Facebook Website Custom Audience5
in this example you can target buyers and excluse freebie seekers


Create Facebook Website Custom Audience

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