How to use Facebook Messenger Ads in your Business ?

Facebook Messenger Ads for Business

The Facebook Messenger platform is more relevant than ever. It is forecasted that by 2020, Messenger’s active users would reach 1.4 billion. But as of April, it already reached the 1.2 billion mark, gaining 200 million users in about a year. Messaging apps, in general, surpassed social networks in terms of active users.

Businesses and marketers are naturally drawn to these messaging apps due to high usage and retention rates, and a wide range of user demographics. And even though these businesses still invest more on major social networks, more and more businesses and marketers use messaging apps to reach out to users and have their product/brand/content seen by a wider audience.

According to Facebook, there are about 2 billion message exchanges between Facebook Messenger users and businesses – every month. A majority of customers prefer to purchase from businesses they can directly contact. Also, a majority of these customers prefer to send businesses a message rather than talk to a customer service representative. This makes Facebook Messenger a convenient choice but sometimes responsiveness is sacrificed due to the need of someone on the constant lookout for messages.

How did Facebook Messenger Ads come to be?

This is where chatbots came into play. Though “chatbots” in different forms had been around for at least a decade, the Messenger chatbot functionality was only introduced in April 2016. The bots only have limited functionality at first especially in terms of marketing. But even with the limitations, the chatbots helped a lot of businesses adapt into an evolving customer service platform. One notable early adopter is the 1-800-Flowers delivery service. They easily transitioned into the Messenger platform since technically, most of their clients are already there.

Then the Messenger ads came into the picture. Facebook Messenger ads are relatively new, having only been rolled out on November 8, 2016. Chatbots became more flexible and customizable with the options of rich content and branding. Aside from that, there are also other added options and functionalities that make facebook Messenger Ads great marketing options. These are:

  • The option to message customers directly (they can opt-in for messages from you).
  • Customers are notified of your messages through the Facebook Notifications tab.
  • You can create custom audiences, similar to when you are creating Facebook Ads.

So are  Messenger ads the future of marketing?

How do ads in Facebook Messenger work?

After learning about how facebook Messenger ads came to be, the logical next step is to learn its ins and outs. Is it similar to Facebook ads? Or are Messenger ads distinguishable from other ads?

To answer these questions, we need to take a look at the types of ads in the Messenger platform.

News Feed Ads :

You can now use Messenger as a destination in facebook news feed ads. The process is simple. First, you need to create an ad under the website clicks objectives. Select any relevant call-to-action and have Messenger as the destination.

You can decide if the clicks to these news feed ads either open to:

  1. A thread in Messenger with a copy of the ad and a message text you can reconfigure
  2. A thread in Messenger with a structured message (JSON)

With the first option, the customer will have to initiate the conversation by sending your business a message. It can look like this:

The structured message option ( Hint : you can get my Autoreply and fb autoresponder software which can creates Structured message for free , it’s Called SOCIAL ENGAGER ), on the other hand, allows the customer to click on either a rich media content, a quick reply or a call-to-action button to initiate a conversation or perform an action as your ad stated.

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Sponsored Messages :

The main goal of sponsored messages for Messenger is re-engagement. You can only target customers/users who previously initiated a conversation (or has an existing conversation) with your bot.

In this type of ad, Messenger is used as a placement option. You just create an ad set with a Conversions objective and target “People who interacted with my page”. For a step by step guide, check out this Facebook Business help article.

How can you use Messenger ads in your marketing strategy?

  1. Refine your target audience and raise brand awareness with the use of the messenger as destination ads.
  2. Acquire new customers by creating an ad that will prompt a conversation that leads to conversion. Ask questions or relate a problem and offer your product as a solution in the conversation thread.
  3. Use a basic chatbot to engage your customers/target audience and then run Messenger ads to retarget them. Send product notifications and updates and then send them to your desired landing page for conversion.
  4. Use sponsored messages to retarget customers that did not convert but visited your sales page. Remove the barrier of doubt and other conversion barriers by offering answers.
  5. Also, retarget converting customers with sponsored messages. Give them exclusive offers like free resources, demo, or a discount.

There are things to take note of Facebook Messenger ads, though:

  • Both types of Messenger as destination ads (message text and structured message) override the chatbot’s ‘get started’ screen. This is if your bot is activated using the ‘get started’ button. A solution to this is to include the ‘get started’ as a quick reply or CTA in the JSON code of your structured message.
  • The ads for Messenger are only available in conversions or destination (on or off Facebook) objectives.
  • Messenger users can turn off/block your ads or hide it from their inbox.
  • Facebook charges by impressions. This means that Facebook will still charge you even if your messages weren’t opened.

How can you have your own facebook chatbot?

The prospect of marketing automation is quite great especially with the introduction of Facebook Messenger Ads. You’re sold on the idea but…yeah, you need to have a chatbot. You can create one from scratch or you can take advantage of a chatbot service that can give you a lot of added value and even help you further simplify the process.

This is where SocialEngager excels at.

With this tool, you can create, monitor, and manage Messenger ad campaigns. Key features include:

  • Social Linking – you can connect your Facebook pages to the tool
  • Lead Sync – import the list of all the users that contacted your pages
  • Social Autoresponder – where you can send messages to users in your leads
  • FB Messenger Script – where you can create structured messages (JSON code generator)

There are so much more features you can access if you sign up now. So that you can immediately try the efficiency of Social Engager, I will give it FREE for my STUDENTS.

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