eComily : TRUE Marriage of Instagram & eCommerce


eComily is a brand new cloud platform by Precious Ngwu,Med Amine And I that automates Instagram marketing to it’s finest allowing you to reach more audience on Instagram, engage them and convert them into buyers all from 1 dashboard.

With eComily, you can drive targeted buyer traffic from your account straight into a ready-made mobile store to sell your products. You can also use it for promoting affiliate, CPA offers, sell items on Shopify and so much more…

It takes less than 2 minutes to setup. All you need is few minutes to integrate your Instagram account with the platform, upload a picture of what you want to sell on Instagram and watch the magic happen.



  • Setup a profitable mobile eCom store on the fly
    This is one of the flagship features of eComily, unlike other instagram automation apps, eComily does more that finding and posting viral photos for you. This is a fully blow eCommerce solution that will setup an automated mobile eCommerce store fused directly to your Instagram account to generate sales day in day out.
  • Directly build your mailing list with Instagram traffic
    eComily is the most sophisticated Instagram software to ever get to the market in 2016 and it proves that once more by directly building your email list from Instagram without any ads.
  • Run contest, Sweepstakes & go viral on Instagram
    Content/viral post search, curation, editing and publishing is a very basic feature in eComily. With eComily, you now run sweepstakes, contests directly in your Instagram account, go viral and pile up new leads and sales daily.
  • Integrate fully with Shopify
    Other than it’s traditional high performance mobile eCommerce store, eComily also integrates Instagram directly with Shopify using a resident app.
  • Fully cloud-based & get results immediately
    eComily is not a desktop app so you can easily access and use it to full extent from anywhere, even with mobile devices.
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Watch the demo video below to see eComily in action and have a look at its functionally and features

You can begin making money with eComily in just 5 steps:

  1. Login to eComily with your Instagram account.
  2. Find & use latest trending photos.
  3. Build your mobile store inside eComily.
  4. Connect your Instagram media to your products.
  5. Start profiting immediately.

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