CPA PPV Case Study : Landing Page Optimization

cpa landing page optimization

The Importance of A/B Testing : CPA Case Study

“i have sent 1000 clicks with no single conversion” , this is the kind of emails i receive alot !

If you are using a landing page to promote/presell an offer , you have to take in consideration that a click means a Human just like you !

a correct keyword research generally tend to lead to a positive ROI ! However your landing page should be good enough to see decent results !

A/B testing stands for “Always Be Testing,” right?

Once you start testing various elements of your marketing campaigns – from Traffic sources ( PPC , PPV, Media Buy….) to landing pages to email subject lines … You never know what’s going to work with your audience until you AB test it.

The best practices remain essentially the same across the board though:

  1. Change the placement and formatting of objects on a page to get a user’s eye to where you want it.
  2. Change colors to ensure primary objects stand out.
  3. Change images to be eye-catching or elicit emotion: encourage engagement.
  4. Change text to be appealing to the reader, and encourage a desired outcome.
  5. Changing your target audience.

Check out this CPA CASE STUDY :

[awsmvid play=”1″ hide=”0″ skins=”9″ size=”2″ ]WSVHH4vIa28[/awsmvid]


And if you are looking for a silver bullet to maximize your CPA Marketing ROI? Have you heard of A/B Testing but think it’s just for corporations with an entire marketing department and huge ad budget?
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Finally , <<Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving >>David Ogilvy

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CPA case study


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