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Let’s face it… Most of my followers are looking for the fastest way to make their first $50-100/week online and don’t have yet the courage to invest in RISKY paid traffic. Aren’t you?

Well, this method doesn’t require cash Investement ( However you will pay with the other Priceless Currency  : T I M E ).


Aliexpress Ebay Arbitrage is about selling physical products on Ebay. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have your own warehouse or buying wholesale or anything from these stressful tasks. Here is an overview of the process:

Ebay Arbitrage



Aliexpress Ebay Arbitrage :

STEP 1: Create an Ebay Account

Basically, we’ll work with U.S audience that means you’ll be targeting Ebay US.

Go to and make sure the country you choose at the bottom of the page is United States:

aliexpress arbitrage

Then click on register at the top left to register for a seller account if you don’t have one already.

Ebay Arbitrage

Click “Register for a business account” to register for an Ebay business account. Then you’ll be redirected to the sign up page. Fill all the details, including your PayPal account and/or your credit card info.

The reason I prefer PayPal than any other payment method, is that it allows you to receive money instantly from EBay.


STEP 2: Product Research

This is a crutial step, finding HOT products with a good margin will help you to make doublie or tripe digit profit per day !

Now, open these 2 websites in your browser::

Go to AliExpress and click on Bestselling.

Aliexpress Bestselling products

Here you’ll see all the bestselling items on AliExpress. Most of these products are hot and cheap. Choose one that has a large perceived value. Like this one:Aliexpress Bestselling products

It’s a product that people would buy for a higher price than the one you see on AliExpress ($3.05). That’s what I mean by large perceived value.

Let’s open the product page and see some other metrics.

Aliexpress Bestselling products

  • Orders: Make sure the order number is high. But since it’s a bestseller it will obviously have a high order count.
  • Reviews: Always go 4 stars and above. You must also read the reviews.
  • Price: Ask yourself this question => Will someone buy this for a higher price than this one? If the answer is yes, then you’re good to go.
  • Shipping: I prefer free shipping in 15-26 days max.
  • Seller: Above 95% positive feedback is a must. Take a look at seller profile and look at his other stats.

If all these metrics are okay, then you’re good to go.

In this case, this product is good until now. It’s going to cost $3.50 with free shipping in 15-26 days.

Now, Because you are going to submit this product to Ebay : let’s make sure this product is hot there.

For this task I’ll use WatchCount.

WatchCount is an Ebay Tool that shows you what’s actually hot on ebay.

Go there and type in the product name from AliExpress.


You’ll a see a list of products that matches your search entry.

Of course, these products doesn’t have to be the exact same as yours, they just have to do exact thing that your product does no matter which brand, color… etc they are.

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There are 3 things I pay attention to, to know if my product is still worth going for.

  • Watch/Sales Ratio: The number of sales must be always higher than the number of watchers
  • Price: Is it higher than the one on AliExpress? Is there a good profit margin?
  • Latest past sales: These can be seen in the product listing on Ebay. Click on product title on WatchCount to see the listing.


  • As you can see this product sold 13 in last 24 hours which is great. That means it’s something hot and that people actually want this.
  • The price is $19.71 without shipping. That’s also great, because I know that I can charge higher for my product.
  • Shipping for this product costs $12.13 and delivery takes 4 – 10 business days (Weekend excluded). Again, there’s a good profit to be made, because the shipping rate is high.
  • If the seller is not top rated, 99%+ positive feedback => this is good enough.


STEP 3 : Pricing And Fees

Now we know that this is a product worth selling. But how much profit can we make on this?

The product on Ebay is actually selling for $19.71+$12.13 shipping = $31.84

To be realistic, we won’t sell this for the same price, because this product is just a generic version of this one and delivery time is longer. I would probably sell it for $18 or so with free shipping.

Let’s go to Ebay Final Fee Calculator and see how much we can make on this after taking off all the fees (both Ebay and Paypal fees).

final fee calculator

To calculate your net profit per item enter the following info:

  • Sold Price: The price that you’ll actually be charging for your item.
  • Item Cost: How much does it cost you to fulfill your order (The price in AliExpress)
  • Total Profit: How much you’re going to keep in your pocket.

As you can see the net profit I will be making on every unit sold is $11.88.

STEP 3 : Adding New Listing on Ebay

To add a new listing for your product. Go to your Ebay seller dashboard and click on “Sell” in the top bar. You’ll be asked to enter your login info again. Then you’ll have to fill out the listing form with required info.

add a new listing ebay

Now let’s CHECK AN ADVANCED TOOL to make x10 Things :


Make it happen 🙂


Ebay Arbitrage

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