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Ad oversaturation is a growing issue in both the digital and affiliate marketing industries. This is especially an issue in mobile where users see, on average, 4,000 ads a day. After seeing the first 100 ads, mobile and desktop users are most probably immune to the presence of ads to the point that they barely notice the ads’ presence.

This is bad news especially with how competitive the advertising market is. The need for specialized advertising tools became more apparent. Regular advertising tools weren’t enough to help marketers traverse the challenging and at times, complicated advertising market. Most of these tools either need a lot of time, effort, and/or money that often only goes to testing ad campaign variables.

This is the niche that “ad spy tools” try to fill. Simply put, ad spy tools remove the need for costly advertising trial and error by providing efficient advertising solutions. Basic ad spy tools enable advertisers and affiliate marketers to perform in-depth competition analysis, monitor different advertising channels (mobile ads, Facebook ads, display ads, and pay per view (PPV) traffic); and find affiliate ads (and gain important insights about said ads).

AdPlexity is one of the best competitive intelligence or ad spy tools in the market. It provides solutions for common to intermediate affiliate marketing hurdles. It is, after all, created by affiliates, for affiliates. With its powerful and wide range of features, AdPlexity is a real game-changer for mobile, desktop, and native affiliate marketing.

AdPlexity Review

Another of AdPlexity’s selling points is its versatility and high functionality. AdPlexity innately understands the needs of affiliate marketers, especially in hyper-competitive markets. But is AdPlexity the right ad spy tool for you? This review will walk you through how AdPlexity works, what are its features, and the best way to make the most out of this tool.

Let’s begin with the features that make AdPlexity stand out:    

adplexity date filter
Adplexity date filter
  • Extended Date Range. Gain access to a marketer’s historical advertising activity. This will give you a broader insight into a marketer’s general advertising strategy or specific strategies for specific products. With a virtually unlimited date range, you can easily identify advertising patterns and determine what strategies worked for your competitors.
  • Real-time Ad Insights. AdPlexity uses data from real visitors and product buyers (they’re one of the first ad spy tools to utilize this data source). This resulted in AdPlexity having one of the largest collections of advertising data in the industry. Another positive of this is that it makes ad data highly accurate, timely, and measurable.
  • A Wide Range of Ad Search and Filters. Search ads by keywords, advertiser, publisher, and ad placement. You can either search your competitor’s landing page or ad info. Narrow down your searches with filters like date range (days running), type of ad, device targeted, size of the ad, country of origin, language, affiliate networks, and tracking tools used.
Adplexity search filters
Adplexity search by network

You can also filter out non-affiliate ad landing pages through the Tracking Tools or the Affiliate Networks Tools option.  

Adplexity seach by popularity
  • In-depth Ad Information. The details you can access on an individual ad level is comprehensive; including information on when a product is added and advertising activity connected to the product.  
Adplexity 1 click downloader
Adplexity one click downloader
  • One-Click Competitor Landing Page Download. AdPlexity removes the need for manually ripping landing pages as you can easily download all of your competitors landing pages in just one click
  • User-friendly Interface. AdPlexity has offered several of the most advanced ad spy tools features but it is still able to maintain an intuitive and beginner-friendly user interface.

AdPlexity Products Review

All in all, AdPlexity offers 8 products that cover different advertising channels. This review will only cover the 4 most used channels by affiliate marketers: Desktop, mobile, native, and ecommerce.

AdPlexity Desktop Review:

Adplexity desktop review
Adplexity desktop filters

Desktop is still a vital traffic source for affiliate marketers. The desktop advertising industry is ever-evolving and fast-paced. There’s no longer room for a trial-and-error approach. Affiliate marketers and advertisers alike need to have access and leverage competitor advertising insights in order to not only save resources but also to perform at their best.

AdPlexity offers competitive intelligence solutions for desktop that enables marketers to find and monitor the most profitable campaigns. To make this possible, AdPlexity offers the following tools and features:

adplexity desktop landing page details
Adplexity desktop landing page details

Landing page details and downloads. Access vital landing page information includes the tracking tool used, affiliate networks used, all outgoing URL chains, and all campaigns from the affiliate or advertiser. You can also download the affiliate’s landing page including all of its dependencies (images and code) in a compressed (.zip) folder through the same user interface.

Adplexity desktop search filters
Adplexity desktop search filters

Comprehensive search filters. Search for the most profitable ads by product keyword, advertiser, or filter by the affiliate network. Take advantage of the one-click access to 100 affiliate networks to discover affiliate promotions.

Adplexity desktop search by country
Adplexity desktop search by country
  • Access desktop ad campaigns that are currently running in more than 75 countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, and Russian Federation among others. AdPlexity supports the greatest number of countries in comparison to other ad spy tools. Aside from the major advertising countries, AdPlexity also supports “exotic” countries in Asia, South America, Africa, and even smaller countries in Europe.
  • Discover desktop pop-up campaigns. AdPlexity supports pop-up ad networks like AdCash, PopAds, PopCash, and PropellerAds.  
  • Access real-time ad campaign updates for campaigns that run on 15 major ad exchanges and display web ad networks like Google, AppNexus, OpenX, and CPMSTar among others.
Adplexity desktop ad trends
Adplexity desktop ad trends
  1. Gain insights on desktop campaigns including information on ad trends (length of campaigns, best performing days, etc.), the devices and web browsers targeted (and which device and browser it is most successful), traffic sources, and publishers.

AdPlexity Desktop Price

Adplexity desktop price
Adplexity desktop price

Starting at $1,990 per year per user (for annual billing) and $199 per month per user (for monthly billing), AdPlexity Desktop is on the higher end of the price range. In comparison to competitors though, AdPlexity’s price is in the mid to low range especially with the number of features that several higher-priced tools do not offer.

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AdPlexity Mobile Review:

Adplexity mobile review
Adplexity mobile review

Comprehensive data, that’s what AdPlexity offers in all of its products. The need for highly accurate and relevant data is a sought-after commodity, especially in mobile affiliate marketing.

Everyone is going mobile, even marketers. It’s undeniable that mobile users are one of the most valuable audience. Mobile, after all, sees the highest number of users that are essentially glued to their devices up to 40 hours a week. There’s also a downside to the prevalence of mobile use: ad oversaturation. It is estimated that users encounter more or less 4,000 ads in a single day.

AdPlexity’s mobile competitive intelligence solutions share similarities with their desktop solutions. Several of these solutions and features include:

  • Access to campaigns in over 75 countries
  • Landing page download (including page dependencies) right from the Landing Page Details dialog box.
  • Search by product keyword, publisher, advertiser, affiliate networks, and tracking tools.
  • Real-time ad campaign insights on campaigns that run on mobile ad exchanges
  • Access to campaigns running on different mobile pop-up traffic sources including Adcash, PopAds, Popcash, PropellerAds, and ZeroPark and more than 25 mobile web ad exchanges.
  • Image: mobile ad trends Campaign insights including mobile ad trends, devices targeted (comparison between Android and iPhone ad performance,) traffic sources, and publishers.
Adplexity mobile ads trends
Adplexity mobile ads trends

Other AdPlexity Mobile features include:

  1. Android in-app ad analysis. AdPlexity monitors the most profitable mobile ad campaigns running on over a thousand Android apps. Supported in-app ad networks include StartApp, MillenialMedia, InMobi, Airpush, and Leadbolt.
  2. Access carrier-exclusive “hidden campaigns”. AdPlexity supports over 120 mobile carriers and monitors campaigns that are targeted to specific carrier traffic. AdPlexity takes pride in having the market’s strongest carrier-monitoring infrastructure.
  3. One-click search for affiliate ads. Find ads that promote affiliate offers from 100 supported affiliate networks.
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AdPlexity Mobile Price

Adplexity mobile price
Adplexity mobile price

The pricing for AdPlexity Mobile is similar to AdPlexity Desktop, including the 2 months free for the annual billing subscription.

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AdPlexity Ecommerce Review

Adplexiy Ecommerce Review
Adplexiy Ecommerce Review

AdPlexity has access to over 100,000 e-commerce stores and over 70,000,000 products. This is quite advantageous, especially in the hyper-competitive ecommerce industry.  Aside from this, AdPlexity offers features and tools that enable affiliate marketers to make the most out of this advantage.

Adplexity ecommerce find by product
Adplexity ecommerce find by product
  • Search by Product or Search by Stores. AdPlexity offers these two search options so that you either find a specific product or find competitor stores. You can filter your product search by product category, the keyword (in title and description), price range and more. With store search you can find and view your competitors hottest and most profitable products, take a sneak peek at newly-launched products, and access vital store information (number and price of products, etc.)
  • Find Popular Apps. The spying does not end on the store’s products. You can also access the most popular apps that help stores boost their revenue.
Adplexity ecommerce filters
Adplexity ecommerce filters
  • Exhaustive Filters. AdPlexity makes sure that they have a filter for every option or metric possible. Several of these filters include product and store strength, date of product addition, number of products, and average product price.
Adplexity ecommerce fb ad copy
Adplexity ecommerce fb ad copy
  1. View Facebook Ad Copy. Aside from the regular product filters, you can also filter your search to only include products that have active Facebook ad campaigns through the “With FB ad copy” search filter. With the filter on, you can access vital user engagement data including the ads’ likes, comments, shares, and embedded links.

Aside from these features, AdPlexity also provides insights on:

  • Product and store information. For products, this includes the product description, the date of addition, and last promotion or ad activity. The store information you can access include the number of products, store categories, average product price, and frequency of campaign launches.
  • Product and store strength. Product strength is a metric unique to AdPlexity. It determines the success of the product according to several factors including product views, frequency of ads, and the number of people that actually purchase the product. Store strength shows which stores are the most successful in terms of revenue.
  • Live Product Updates. This allows AdPlexity to show trending products as they are launched. You can also access this information on a store level – know when and what products a competitor launched in real-time.
Adplexity ecommerce historical product price changes
Adplexity ecommerce historical product price changes
  • Historical Product Price Changes. Gain vital insight into trial product prices used by your competitors. Easily determine the most profitable price range without wasting any resources.
  • Similar Products. Use this feature to determine other successful products within a category. Boost your cross-selling and upselling strategies with insight on which products provide more value and are popular with the customers.
Adplexity ecommerce social media
Adplexity ecommerce social media
  • Social Media Links. AdPlexity eCommerce includes the stores’ social media links under each store search result. This will give you an idea of what social media channels they are marketing their products and give you an opportunity to peek into their marketing strategies.

AdPlexity eCommerce Price

Adplexity ecommerce price
Adplexity ecommerce price

AdPlexity’s eCommerce solutions are priced similarly to their desktop and mobile counterparts. It’s unique to similar competitive intelligence solutions due to its wide coverage in terms of the number of stores and products. It can also track historical prices and apps used by all of the stores covered. This sounds like a steal for $199 per month.

AdPlexity Native Review:

Adplexity native review
Adplexity native review

Native advertising is a tricky one. It’s one of the lifelines of affiliate marketers and yet, it also draws controversy as it blurs the line between organic and sponsored content. Nonetheless, native advertising is effective – when done effectively. AdPlexity offers features that enable marketers to demystify the formula that successful advertisers use to make the most out of native advertising channels.

AdPlexity Native also offers features available in other products including landing page downloads, one-click search for affiliate ads from 100 affiliate networks; and search filter by product keyword, advertiser (outgoing URLs and all find all campaigns by advertiser), publisher, affiliate network, and tracking tool used; and analyze campaign data including ad trends, targeted devices, traffic sources, and publishers.

adplexity native ads trends
Adplexity native ads trends

Unique and exclusive features for AdPlexity Native include:

  1. Discover profitable native ad campaigns running on 7 of the most popular traffic sources.
  2. Analyze ad campaign data from over 32 countries.
  3. Access native ad campaigns according to the targeted device. AdPlexity supports all popular devices including Mac and PC; Android (phones and tablets, iPhone, and iPad.
  4. Support for 7 native ad networks (RevContent, MGID, Content.Ad, Yahoo Gemini, Taboola, Outbrain, and AdNow)

AdPlexity Native Price

Adplexity native price
Adplexity native price

The Native solution is the most expensive among AdPlexity’s products, starting at $249 per month per user or $2,490 per year per user.

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Pros and Cons of AdPlexity


  • AdPlexity collects the largest and most accurate ad data in the market
  • It’s the only ad spy tool that provides data for mobile web, pop-up, Android in-app, and carrier-specific ad traffic.
  • Supports more countries including ones that are not very well-known but profitable advertising markets.
  • AdPlexity supports all major browsers including Chrome, Safari, and Windows.
  • One-click landing page downloads.
  • Advanced but highly usable interface.
  • Chat and email support are available for all products.


  • AdPlexity does not offer a free trial of their products. Request for refunds should also be made within 24 hours of signing up.
  • The price range is a bit high. AdPlexity is feature-rich, flexible, and highly functional. This, of course, comes at a high price.

Review Conclusion

AdPlexity deserves its title as one of the best ad spy tools in the industry. It is successful in demystifying advertising solutions and strategies even to the initiated affiliate marketers.

The hallmark of a good ad spy tool is in its ability to provide competitor data that no other advertising tool can provide. But in the most basic sense, a good ad spy tool should be able to provide affiliate marketers and advertisers insights on the following:

  • Competitor offers – especially in the context of your own offers
  • The profitability of offers – you need to find out the profit margins and gain insight on how competitors are able to make more or less
  • Ad campaign strategies and angles – are your competitors using unique angles that work really well? How can you use a similar angle in your campaigns? Can you create a better strategy?
  • Effectivity of traffic sources – are your competitors funneling offers on a traffic source unknown to you? Are they funneling their offers successfully?

AdPlexity fulfills all of these with through extensive support on different advertising channels (desktop, mobile, ecommerce, native, etc.,), advertising networks and exchanges, browsers, and apps.  Most of all, AdPlexity enables affiliate marketers and advertisers to accomplish one thing: acquire vital competitive advertising data.

What makes AdPlexity really work is that they know the whys, when, and where of affiliate marketing and gets everything together by providing the “hows” – the means to accomplish a common goal in as straightforward and scalable way possible. It’s not a perfect, but it’s the perfect tool currently available in the market.

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