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Best Wordpress CDN

Best WordPress CDN Summary:

I’m sure you have heard that every website needs a robust CDN to speed up your website.

But do you really know what a CDN is?

The term stands for as a content delivery system that is geographically distributed network servers and their data centers. The main goal of using the CDN is to provide high availability and performance by distributing your website strategically and spatially to multiple locations, therefore, the end-users will be getting a copy of your website that is located to their nearest datacenter and not your origin server.

One of the main factors that determines the page ranking in search engine is the loading speed of you pages. Normally, it must take 3 seconds for a page to load. But if the speed is comparatively low then you will need to work on the CDN. If you are a blogger then you must be familiar with CDN. But to utilize the resources in the best way you need the best options available for WordPress. So, here is the list of the best WordPress CDN options.

1. Stackpath CDN for WordPress:

stackpath cdn wordpress

Stackpath is one of the most popular CDN service for WordPress. It offers easy setup and management and it’s growing at a faster pace since it was introduced. Stackpath developers have setup servers in many locations. You can found Stackpath CDN WordPress active all across the globe.

Their CDN can also secure the website from potential risks such as DDoS attacks(for an extra). This maintains a balance in loading time and blocking malicious attacks. Whatever plan you buy, you will get various features that will significantly reduces the amount of time your website takes to load. The basic plan starts with $20 per month and increases with the increase in features.

  • Instant setup and customization option for changing the propagation delay.
  • HTTP/2 IPv6
  • Easy integration with WordPress cache plugins (I will share a tuto on how to link it with Wp Fastest Cache that i also use with Stackpath CDN)
  • Origin Pull-protocol, Pull-host header, and Origin shield.
  • Cache control with CDN caching and client caching with full and granular control with Edge rules.
  • Push, upload, and compression features.
  • Serve state, purge, analytics, log files, and API.
  • HTTPs & Content Protection such as Token authentication, hotlink protection, customer domain, white/blacklisting, etc.

As you can see these features are highly valued when it comes to websites and that’s why i can consider it the best WordPress CDN (No joke, i use it for my blog). Plus you will have access to a 24/7 operational customer support to help you with any kind of technical or non-technical issue (they will help you with actionable tips to get better Gtmetrix metrics, including: plugins to installs).

Stackpath CDN is super easy to set up as it has a developer-friendly API and building tools. The websites who have multiple apps or partner websites, you can instantly tie the app and website together with Stackpath CDN.

2. Cloudflare CDN for WordPress:

cloudflare cdn

Just like Stackpath, Cloudflare also has a reputation among the CDN services. It has an intelligent caching that can easily make your website load without any delay. It optimizes the page delivery system and blocks the possible threats and limit access to the potential abusers of the website. Thus, your wordpress blog or website becomes more secure and safe for use.

Cloudflare dramatically improves the performance of the website with advanced optimization features and provide additional security. It will also help you to identify bot behaviors on the website and warn you about the potential risks. As we need to make the internet work as the way it is supposed to, Cloudflare CDN WordPress service makes it possible to achieve anything online. It has a dynamic content delivery system with both small and large file delivery. You can access media easily with the protected DNS server and DDoS protection.

The various features included in the tool are given below:

  • Instant setup and user-friendly API.
  • Global Anycast Network with Apex/Root Domain
  • CDN domain HTTPS and customer domain HTTPS
  • Geo-blocking, basic authentication, hotlink protection, and IP white/blacklisting

Even the amount Cloudflare charges you for the service is at flat monthly rates. You don’t have to pay for GBs or the requests. You can even have a free plan. But if you want to switch to the premium plans then they are also available in a range of $20/month/domain to $200/month/domain, but i will show you later in this post how i got a FREE account and made it work closely with Stackpath: 2 CDNS BB 🙂 . You can also add some paid add-ons like Load Balancing, Argo Smart Routing, SSL certificates, etc. This best WordPress CDN service is available all across the world for various countries.
In my previous Sitegroung review and benchmark with other wordpress hosting, i have demonstrated how migrating to siteground (which is done by their agent as well) helped me get an A-B grad and made my blog load go from 8 secs to 1.9sec!
Siteground is giving FREE CLOUDFLARE account when you transfer your website to their fastest and best hosting for WordPress (they are recommended by WordPress by the way).
>> Migrate your website today and skyrock your wordpress speed today!

3. KeyCDN WordPress:

keycdn for wordpress

It is another popular CDN service which is known for its cutting edge technology and optimization features. This can also be considered as a best WordPress CDN service which supports various platforms like Drupal, Xenforo, vBulleting, and others (seamless integrations).

When it comes to synchronizing the CDN features with protection and management system, you get various options. You can integrate with WordPress with options like WP Super Cache, Zencache, W3 Total Cache plugin, and others. IN case you are concerned with the security of your website, KeyCDN WordPress can handle it. It also offers free SSL certificates using LetsEncrypt(given also for free by siteground in addition to a free cloudflare account).

Various features available in the service include:

  • You get a free trial for 30 days without using a credit card.
  • You will get free credits of worth 25 GB traffic.
  • Instant Account activation with fast and reliable services.

The technical features that come with the CDN service are:

  • HTTPS and IPv6 Support.
  • Zone Alias and Header Control.
  • Log forwarding and Gzip compression with Real Time reports.
  • Byte Range requests and HTTP Live streaming.
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing.

The best thing about this service is the pay as you go option. This is a big saving as you only have to pay for the features that you use. The basic plan can be started at $0.04 per GB to a minimum amount of $40 per year. Each edge server is crafted with advanced TCP stack and 100% SSD coverage. Whether you have a small or large business, you can have access to the KeyCDN account and its features. Their network utilizes IP Anycast and latency with routing technology .

4. Rackspace CDN WordPress:

rackspace cdn review

Starting with the reliable system for faster page delivery to easy access to the media files, Rackspace CDN for WordPress is here is to make everything better. When you use Rackspace, you will be able to upload large and high-quality media files like HD movies, videos, or site backups. This kind of service maintains the multiple segments as a whole and downloads them as a single file.

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This CDN will guarantee that you get a maximum uptime of 99.99%. This is one of the best WordPress CDN because it ensures that all your files are accessible to the website users but it’s a bit expensive.  One of the best features of Rackspace is that it writes each file in three different storage space and provide the main server dual backup option. In the major cities all over the world, this CDN is used to ensure that the data is accessible to the users without any delay. The plans can be started at a basic price of $0.10/GB/month. But you can advance your plan if you want to as there are several pricing options.

The main features of the Rackspace CDN for WordPress are:

  • Employment of over 200 edge nodes all across the globe
  • Multiple interface options
  • Whole site delivery and acceleration
  • Origin Protection
  • Custom SSL and Access control to protect content
  • Multiple origins flexibility
  • Dynamic Visitor Handling and up-to-date
  • Granular Control

This CDN service can be used with various different Plugins like Super Cache. But it lacks the protection feature against DDoS. Thus, you will need an additional plan or service which would make the service less effective. Still, Rackspace is most likely to be the all-in-one hosting service and CDN provider to build a better and faster wordpress blog.

5. Incapsula CDN WordPress:

incapsula CDN review

UnLike the other CDN services for wordpress, Incapsula CDN WordPress isn’t that big as because of the smaller network it has the data centers provide a better concentration for the website. The tool focus on the major areas where the traffic usually comes from this is it very beneficial for your website.

With the superior data centers, Incapsula provides a superfast service for businesses like online stores, SaaS business or on-demand video streaming services. The main reason for the popularity of this best WordPress CDN service is the enterprise level security more than CDN. It has a PCL certified firewall and the security system includes DDoS protection as well.

The other features included in the CDN service are given below:

  • Instant setup and change propagation delay
  • Anycasted network with Apex or Root domain
  • HTTP/2 and IPv6 support
  • Origin control for protocols and host header
  • High image optimization
  • Granular control over CDN caching and client caching
  • Purge all, by directory and by file extension options
  • Real-time perf and security events dashboard
  • API with Purge, analytics, and configuration
  • Log files available via UI, AI or full SIEM integration
  • HTTPS and Content Protection

All these features are available in just one plan. As you purchase the plan, it will allow you to view traffic, security and performance aspects of the website. The basic plan will be appropriate for personal blogs and simple websites. But if you want enhanced security features, then you need to switch to higher plans.

6. CDN77 WordPress:

CDN77 review

This CDN service is slightly new in the market yet it has become popular all over the world as top-class CDN77 WordPress. This tool uses a customer-centric approach with a fair and transparent policy. The CDN service can significantly make a big difference in page loading time and improve the overall performance of the website. This tool offers a simple integration for the websites. You can easily set up the service with simple steps. And the moment setup is finished; you will be able to manage everything from the panel.

This service provides a solid set of content delivery products and features. Main features included in the list are:

  • Small and Large File delivery system with instant setup
  • HTTP/2 and IPv6 Support
  • Compression by Brotli support
  • Origin protocol and host header
  • Origin shield that is free and enabled by the support
  • CDN and client caching option
  • 5 to 10 minutes delay in analytics
  • Content and HTTPS protection

These features will be provided at better pricing options. But you have to make sure that you take the help of the support team for the security features. Maximum features like Geo-Blocking, Basic authentication, customer domain, etc. they will need support team help.

There are 27 different data center of this best WordPress CDN service over 23 countries and it makes sure that your website loads in quickest possible time.

Sucuri CDN:

sucuri review

Recenlty, Sucuri WordPress has become more popular. Their CDN package involves a strong WordPress firewall with DDoS protection. They even claim that they provide the most secure network and protect the website against potential threats, malware, and attacks. This CDN is designed with smart features that can handle any WordPress site. The best features are listed below:

  • Easy setup and direct access
  • Free SSL through LetsEncrypt
  • Geo-Blocking, whitelisting, and custom SSL certificates
  • Website accelerator with TTFB and minimal connect time
  • Cache running over SSD servers
  • Anycast network with PoP
  • HTTP/2 default support
  • Gzip/compressing static content
  • Dynamic page caching

As you can see, the smart features are simply customized to improve website performance. As they have a server in almost every country in the world, you will get insanely fast speed. The pricing plans start with $9.99 per month for the website and increase with additional features.

To choose one of the best WordPress CDN, you need to list down your particular requirements. To have a fast website, you need Global bandwidth, DDoS security, SSL certificates, and image optimization features mainly. So, choose smartly to make sure that your website has significant minimal delay time for loading and can easily reach users.

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Best WordPress CDN Summary: Stackpath Cloudflare - How to Get a FREE account? KeyCDN Rackspace Incapsula CDN77 Sucuri I'm sure you have heard that every website needs a robust CDN to speed up your website. But do you really know what a CDN is? The term stands for as a content delivery system that is geographically distributed network servers and their data centers. The main goal of using the CDN is to provide high availability and performance by distributing your website strategically and spatially to multiple locations, therefore, the end-users will be getting a copy of your website that is…
Stackpath is in my opinion the Best WordPress CDN

Best WordPress CDN

User Friendly - 9.5
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Stackpath is in my opinion the Best WordPress CDN